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My town

Tayford is a really good place to live. There are a lot of shops and … a nice park near the centre. Lots of tourists visit the town in the summer.

… two or three good hotels and some cheap bed and breakfasts. … also four or five very good restaurants. On Saturdays and Sundays … an interesting market, but … a market every day, only at the weekend. … many beautiful houses in Tayford, some of them are over 500 years old, but … any museums. … a river, the River Tay, and … two beautiful lakes, two miles away, but … any mountains near the town. … a station with trains every hour to Oxford, but … airport near here.

Answer the questions using the short answers: yes, there is/are – no, there isn`t/aren`t

  1. Is there a river?

  2. Are there any museums?

  3. Is there a park?

  4. Are there any restaurants?

  5. Is there an airport?

  6. Are there any old houses?

    1. Мой район.

Look at the plan of the district and choose the right answer.

    1. There is the Corndale shopping centre …

  1. between the bus stop and the bank b) next to the station c) near Fastsave supermarket

    1. There is the Italian restaurant …

  1. behind the park b) in front of the park c) next to the park

    1. The garage is …

  1. between the bank and the Chinese restaurant b) next to the supermarket c) in front of the park

    1. There is a car park …

  1. near the bus stop b)around the corner of the block of flats c) opposite the supermarket

5. There is a bookshop …

a) to the left of the car park b) in front of the Plaza hotel c) near the bus stop

6. There is the Plaza hotel …

a) between the park and the supermarket b) opposite the park c) near the block of flats

7. There is a block of flats …

a) near the station b) near the shopping centre c)opposite the Chinese restaurant.

Read and copy the words

district – район

post office – почта

centre – центр

supermarket – супермаркет

cinema – кино

theatre – театр

a chemist`s - аптека

airport – аэропорт

swimming pool – бассейн

bus stop – автобусная остановка

underground station – станция метро

hospital – больница

hairdresser - парикмахерская

concert hall – концертный зал

bank – банк

currency exchange – обмен валюты

library – библиотека

medical college - медицинский колледж

restaurant - ресторан

disco club – дискотека

block of flats – многоквартирный дом

a shopping centre – торговый центр

a café – кафе

Read and translate the text.

My district

My name is Helen, I live in Moscow. I want to tell you a few words about my district. It is very nice and full of trees. I live near the underground station. There are many blocks of flats there. The traffic is very busy. There are a lot of cars. Next to my house there is a supermarket and two shopping centres. When we want to go shopping, we usually visit them. There is a park not far from here. I like to walk there with my friends. There is a bank and a post office next to my school. In front of the chemist’s there is a hospital. On the opposite side of the street there is a café and a bus stop. There is a disco club and a cinema on the left of the bus stop. At the weekend I usually go to the swimming pool by bus. In my district there is also a medical college. I am going to enter it when I finish school. I like my district.