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Installation Requirements

This chapter describes installation requirements.

Specific topics discussed are:

Top-Level Component System Requirements

Migrating and Upgrading Requirements

Single Oracle Home Components

Networking Protocol Vendor Requirements

Installation Requirements 3-1

Top-Level Component System Requirements

Top-Level Component System Requirements

This section lists the system requirements for each top-level component:

Oracle8i Typical Installation

Oracle8i Minimal Installation

Oracle8i Custom Installation

Important: The hard disk requirements for each Oracle8i top-level component include 25 MB required to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and Oracle Universal Installer on the partition on which the operating system is installed. If sufficient space is not detected, installation fails and an error message appears.


See Also: "Oracle8i Personal Edition Components" on page A-2


for a list of individual components installed.







Operating System

Windows 98 (Second Edition)



Minimal Processor

Pentium 166 or Pentium 200



Recommended Processor

Pentium 233 or Pentium 266




96 MB (128 MB recommended)1

Hard disk

510 MB (plus an additional 15 MB on the system drive)




16 color

1You cannot run Oracle Universal Installer and Oracle Data Migration Assistant or Oracle Database Configuration Assistant during the same installation session on a 64 MB computer. To run these assistants, answer No when asked if you want to migrate or create a database. After installation is complete and Oracle Universal Installer has exited, run these assistants. In addition, Oracle Corporation recommends that you increase virtual memory to 200 MB (modify it in the Performance tab of System Properties in the Control Panel).

3-2 Oracle8i Personal Edition Installation Guide for Windows 98

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