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Installing Oracle Components

If You Selected...

You Are...



Oracle8i Server

Prompted to:


Create a database. Oracle Database Configuration


Assistant starts at the end of installation and guides you


through database creation.


Enter the global database name of the database to create.


Note: If an earlier release of an Oracle database is detected


on your hard drive, you are prompted to upgrade or migrate


to Oracle8i database Release 3 (8.1.7). Oracle Data Migration


Assistant starts at the end of installation and guides you


through database upgrade or migration.



The Summary window appears.

5.Review the information to ensure that you have enough disk space and click Install.

6.Wait until the selected components are installed and any configuration tools have completed running.

The End of Installation window appears.

7.Click Exit to exit Oracle Universal Installer or click Next Install to install additional components.

See Also: "Reviewing a Log of an Installation Session" on page 5-9 for a summary of your installation session

Note: You must reboot your computer after all first time Oracle installations on Windows 95 and 98. Subsequent installations do not require a reboot if the Oracle home remains the same. If the Oracle home changes, then reboot the computer.

Reviewing a Log of an Installation Session

An installation session log that describes the actions performed and the components installed is located in:


where X is the hard drive on which your operating system is located.

Installing Oracle Components and Documentation 5-9

Соседние файлы в папке Oracle 8.1.6