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What Documentation Do I Read First?

What Documentation Do I Read First?

Your Oracle documentation set is described in Appendix D, "Getting Started with Your Documentation". This appendix provides:

A list of available online documentation formats

A list of documentation available on your CD-ROM

Oracle Corporation recommends that you read or review the following documentation before you begin installing Oracle components. This helps ensure that you make the correct decisions during Oracle component installation.

For Information About...


How to obtain customer support Oracle Customer Support Guide

Important last-minute installation and configuration information

READMEDOC.HTM file located at the top of the product CD-ROM for last-minute additions not included in the Release Notes

Release Notes


Note: After installation, all README files are accessible







Upgrading or migrating your

Oracle8i Migration

Oracle database from a previous

Note: Oracle Data Migration Assistant automatically


prompts you during installation to migrate a pre-8.1.7



database detected on your hard drive.



Installing Oracle components

Chapter 3 of Oracle8i Personal Edition Administrator’s Guide

into multiple homes on a single

for Windows 98





Installing all Oracle components

Chapter 5, "Installing Oracle Components and

available on the CD-ROM

Documentation" of this guide

Basic database concepts and administration

Oracle8i Concepts

Oracle8i Administrator’s Guide

Oracle8i Personal Edition Administrator’s Guide for Windows 98

Networking concepts and

Net8 Administrator’s Guide





Introducing Oracle8i Personal Edition for Windows 98 1-3

What Documentation Do I Read First?

Viewing Documentation on the CD-ROM

The Oracle8i Online Documentation is included on a separate CD-ROM. When you insert your CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive, the Autorun window automatically appears. This window provides easy access to the Oracle8i Online Documentation. Follow these instructions to view the documentation.

To view the documentation on the CD-ROM:

1.Insert the Oracle8i Online Documentation CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. The Autorun window appears. If the Autorun window does not appear:

a.Choose Start > Run.

b.Enter the following:


The Autorun window appears.

2.Click Browse Documentation to view the Oracle8i Online Documentation for all components. These documents are in HTML and PDF formats. The Oracle Information Navigator, a Java-based search and navigation applet, also starts.

3.Review the documentation described in the table in "What Documentation Do I Read First?" on page 1-3 and any other documentation appropriate to your environment.

Note: You can also install your Oracle8i Online Documentation. See "Installing and Viewing the Oracle8i Online Documentation" on page 5-13 for instructions.

Note: You can also access your Oracle8i Online Documentation without using the Autorun window. To do this:

1.Exit the Autorun window.

2.Go to the DOC directory at the root of the Oracle8i Online Documentation CD-ROM.

3.Click either INDEX.HTM (to start both your Oracle8i Online Documentation and the Oracle Information Navigator, a Java-based search and navigation applet) or PRODUCTS.HTM (to start your Oracle8i Online Documentation without the Oracle Information Navigator).

1-4 Oracle8i Personal Edition Installation Guide for Windows 98

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