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3 Do you see any differences in your understanding of friendship and American view? Just for Fun!

All kinds of social knowledge and graces are useful, but one of the best is to be able to yawn with your mouth closed.

* * *

Two men were seated together in a crowded street car. One of them noticed that the other had his eyes closed.

“What’s the matter, Bill,” he asked, “feeling ill?”

“I’m all right,” answered Bill, “but I hate to see ladies standing.”

* * *

Employer: “Personal appearance is a helpful factor in business success.”

Employee: “Yes, and business success is a helpful factor in personal appearance.”

Unit 2 Making Your Own Presentations Language Learning Experience and Objectives for the Future

Listen, read and talk about...

  • the first steps of getting ready for a presentation

  • your language learning experience

  • your personal goals of studying English

Learn how to...

  • plan a presentation

  • adapt to cultural differences

  • speak about the importance of learning English

  • define your personal goals in learning English

Practice in...

  • making a presentation

  • discussing personal goals and strategies to achieve them


        • Vocabulary and speech patterns

        • the use of tenses


          • an essay

  • a Registration Form

  • a biographical summary

  • a summary of your presentation at a seminar

Unit 2

Making your own presentations

Getting ready for presentations

You have recollected the ways to introduce yourself to other individuals in different situations. However to introduce yourself is just a start of communication. The main thing here is to present yourself, and of course your opinion, in the most favourable way so that your audience could accept you.

  • Have you ever made a report in front of a big audience?

  • Do you know how to address the audience?

  • Do students need presentation skills?

Developing communication skills:

Getting ready for presentations

1 What is necessary to make an effective presentation? Mark () the suggestions you agree with.

To make an effective presentation, you should:

1. find out as much as possible about your audience

2. introduce yourself (name, position, faculty/company)

3. start with a joke

4. outline the structure of your talk

5. vary the tone of your voice

6. refer to your notes as often as possible

7. use clear visual aids

8. summarize your main points

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