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Part 1 Getting to know each other (ДЛЯ СТУДЕНТО...doc
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5 Write an appropriate question for these answers.

1. A________________________________

B In Minsk.

2. A________________________________

B I always did well in Humanities.

3. A________________________________

B English was my favourite subject.

4. A________________________________

B No, Minsk is not my native town. I’m from Vitebsk.

5. A. ________________________________

B I study at the Institute of Journalism.

6. A________________________________

B I have three classes a day.

7. A________________________________

B I’m going to major in psychology.

8. A________________________________

B Because I believe that here I can get really good education.

9. A_________________________________

B Yes, I believe that good knowledge of English is essential in any career.

9 points

6 Fill in the correct word derived from the word in bold.

1. The Department lays special emphasis on the _________ of a high level of language skills.


2. Professionals must be versatile and __________.


3. Knowledge of English can be _________ to any career.


4. Most people arrive at their _________in a foreign language only as a result of hard work.


5._________ people are concerned with addressing each other properly in formal and informal situations.


6. Are good manners important for _________?


7. What are the _________ of the English language course?


8. After _________, what kind of job are you going to have?

9. If you start to work hard from the beginning, your __________ will be effective.

10. Try to make the process of studying not only useful but _____________.




10 points

7 Complete the text with the verbs in brackets. Use them in the correct tense forms

Sally and Bill are freshman students at Northern University. They are sitting in a cafe and talking about their careers.

Bill : What 1_______________ you (major in)?

Sally: I 2________________ (major) in Philosophy. This is a non-traditional field for women. But more and more women 3______________ (go) into it. When I graduate, there 4 ____ ____________ (be) a lot of job opportunities with good salaries. It is an interesting field if you 5_____________ (be) good at logics. Fortunately, that 6 ______________ (be) my best subject. What 7________________ you (major in), Bill?

Bill : I 8___________ (like) logics, too. But I 9_______________ (be going to) major in Information and Communication. My interest is marketing, which is a subdivision of ‘Inforcom.’

Sally: Marketing – that 10________________ (sound) interesting.

10 points

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