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2 Make questions from the following words. Use the pronoun you in each case. Add necessary auxiliary verbs. For example:

Where exactly / live?

Where exactly do you live?

1. How / get here from your house?

2. have / any special reason for learning English?

3. graduate from school / last year?

4. What / like doing in your free time?

5. Why / enter this faculty?

6. do / anything special last night?

7. What sort of music / like?

8. What / are interested in?

3 Fill in the spaces with the correct tag.

1. It’s a beautiful day, _______ ?

2. Yes, let’s go for a walk, ______ ?

3. You weren’t cheating in the test, _____ ?

4. No, I’d never cheat, _____ ?

5. You speak English, _____ ?

6. We needn’t come tomorrow, _____ ?

7. We have to work harder,_____ ?

8. You are not disappointed about choosing this subject, _____ ?

9. You could take up tennis, _____ ?

10. You’d rather carry on with volleyball, ______ ?

4 What questions would you ask in the following situations?

For example:

You don’t know what ‘small talk’ is.

What does ‘small talk’ mean? or What is the Russian for ‘small talk’?

a. You want to know the English word for ‘рукопожатие’.

b. You don’t know how to pronounce the word ‘courtesy’.

c. You don’t know how to spell ‘courtesy’

d. You don’t know which page the teacher is looking at.

e. You want to know what the homework is.

f. You didn’t hear what the teacher said properly.

g. You would like your teacher to write ‘high-ranking’ on the board.

5 Think of some other questions you often need to ask in class. Make a list of such questions to remind you how to ask these questions.







Vocabulary Focus

Get is one of the most common verbs in English, and has a number of different meanings. Here are some of the main uses. Check that you understand the examples.


1 Here are some more phrases that are often used with get. Check their meaning and write them into a correct place on the diagram

get angry, get loads of tasks, get dressed, get worse, get ready, get up late, get stuck, get my house decorated, get acquainted, get married, get into difficulties, get support (from)

2 Match a first part (1-10) with a second part (a-j) to make correct sentences.

1. Apart from a degree,

2. I don’t usually take initiative

3. I don’t really get along

4. If you get a moment,

5. We got to know each other

6. She got through her exams

7. Shall we get together on Friday

8. I didn’t get what he said

9. I told that joke to Kate

10. If you can get some time off work,

a. with my new roommate.

b. and became good friends.

c. he’s got a Diploma in Business Studies.

d. because the music was so loud.

e. and go for a disco?

f. but she didn’t get it.

g. without too much trouble.

h. could you help me fill in this form?

i. we could finish the decorating.

j. in getting acquainted with people.

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