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8 Rewrite the extract below in two ways (a and b). Follow the direction in each step.

Jack believed that intelligent men from/in his country should be engineers / sociologists / psychologists / philosophers / specialists in information and communication / journalists. Jack knew that choosing a career was not easy. He read every book on engineering/on the subject he could get his hands on. He talked to his friends, his teachers, and his relatives. They told him to major in _______ at University. They advised him to get a summer job that would give him some engineering experience.

Jack took their advice. He wrote to Ajax Company himself, asking for a part-time job. He received an answer almost immediately. It said, we need a male engineer who is good in math and statistics. Jack replied happily, “I’m your man.”

    1. Rewrite the extract, changing “Jack” to “Betty”. Make all the other necessary changes. Your first sentence will say:

Betty believed that intelligent women from / in her country should be engineers / sociologists / psychologists / philosophers / specialists in information and communication.

15 points

    1. Rewrite the extract in the negative. Reverse the sense of each sentence to give it the opposite meaning by changing the principal verbs from the affirmative to the negative. Your first sentence will say:

Jack did not believe that intelligent men from / in his country should be engineers / sociologists / psychologists / philosophers / specialists in information and communication.

10 points

9 Rearrange the steps of a presentation to make it according to the accepted rules. Mark steps by numbers in boxes.

a. outline the structure of your talk

b. summarize your main points

c. introduce yourself (name, position, company).

d. start with something to get attention: a joke, a surprising fact, a question, a quotation, etc.

e. address the audience in a proper way

f. give examples to make your points clear

g. sum up your message with strong Thank you for your attention or a call to action, a visual aid , etc.

7 points

10 Arrange the phrases from a presentation below in a proper order. Mark the given phrases by numbers in boxes.

a. My objective here today is to help you to find the right office for your business.

b. Well, let me introduce myself – my name is Carlos Pinto and I am the Sales Director of Centre-Space Properties.

c. First of all I would like to thank you for inviting me here to speak to you today, and I hope that after that excellent coffee no one will fall asleep during my presentation!

d. During my talk I’ll be looking at four areas. I’ll begin by introducing our company, then........ After that I’ll move on.....

e. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

f. Finally, I’ll deal with.... My presentation will take around 10 minutes, and if you have any questions I’ll be pleased to answer them at the end.

g. OK. (puts up transparency showing the structure of company organization). Let’s start by looking at who we are and how the company has developed over the last 10 years.

7 points

Total 100 points

Self-Assessment Checklist

      1. Use this check list to record what you can do (column 1).

      2. Ask someone else, for example your teacher, to assess what s/he thinks you can do (column 2).

      3. Use Column 3 to mark those things that you cannot yet do which you feel are important for you (Column 3 – Objectives).

      4. Add to the list other things that you can do, or that are important for your language learning at this level. Use the following symbols:

In column 1 and 2:

I can do this under normal circumstances

 I can do it easily

In column 3:

! This is an objective for me

!! This is a priority for me

If you have over 80% of the points ticked, you have probably reached your learning goals.

I know/have learnt





The basic rules of introduction


The right ways to address people


The goals of the University course of English and teaching/learning strategies to achieve them.


Safe and unsafe subjects for talk


How to plan a presentation


How to adapt to some cultural differences

I can


See the difference in situations of communication (formal/informal)


Choose the strategies of communication


Introduce myself and others in formal /informal situations


Address people of different social status and age


Start / initiate / maintain a conversation (small talk)


Fill a simple Registration Form


Speak on the techniques of planning a presentation


Speak about my language learning experience


Speak about my personal goals of studying English at University and some learning strategies


Give facts and figures proving the importance of learning English


Plan and make a short presentation on


(specify the topic)


(specify the topic)

I know/have revised

  • vocabulary and speech patterns of introductions, greetings, saying ‘good bye’, addressing people

  • speech patterns for giving opinion

  • vocabulary to speak about goals and strategies of learning English

I have written

  • a biographical summary

  • a summary of my presentation at a seminar


(specify the topic)

  • an article / essay presenting the findings of the survey


(specify the topic)

I have revised the following grammar material


Basic word order


Word order in questions


Tenses: the Present Simple, the Past Simple, the Present Perfect, the Future Simple.

I can also do the following

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