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Grammar and vocabulary file


 Grammar Focus: Basic Word Order. Word Order in Questions

1. The basic word order for a statement in English is:

The academic year has (not) begun.

Subject verb

The students study English.

Subject verb object

We do not study French.

Subject verb object

We are (not) students.

Subject verb complement

2. In questions the word order is changed. Questions can begin with a question word:

what who(m) where when which why how (long, far) whose

3. After the question word we normally use an auxiliary (вспомогательный) verb, changing the word order ( меняя порядок слов) of the statement:

I have lived in Minsk for 5 years. – How long have you lived in Minsk?

I was born in Borisov. – Where were you born?

According to this rule you may make questions with the forms of the verb to be : am/is/ are and have/has/had

My last name is Subich. – What is your last name?

4. If there is no an auxiliary word in the statement, we form the question adding the verb (добавляя глагол) do /does/did

I study at University. – Where do you study?

She studies at school.Where does she study?

He went to the USA last year.Where did he go last year?

5. You may ask questions without a question word (the so-called general questions). Start these questions with auxiliaries:

Are you a first-year student?

Is she working?

Does he live in Minsk?

6. We usually do not give long answers to the questions but shorten them using auxiliaries.

a. Do you live near here?

Yes, I live near here. – Yes, I do.

b. Do the rest of your family speak English?

No, my parents don’t speak English. – No, they don’t.

c. Are you a first year student?

Yes, I am a first year student. – Yes, I am.


1 Put the words in the correct order and write the statements.

1. Let / introduce / me / myself.


2. proud / am / to / become / student / a / Institute / I / of / Journalism.


3. have / I /dreamed / always / studying / of / University / at.


4. is / my / ambition / to / work / It / in /international / big / a / company.


5. Good / manners / the rules / one / are / everyday / follows / in / contacts / people /

with / other.


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