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IV. Explain and expand on the following.

1) When I was told the name of my companion my heart sank.

2) "Areyou English?"I asked, perhaps, tactlessly, "Rather. Bri­tish to the backbone, that's what I am".

3) Mr Kelada flashed an oriental smile at me.

k) I do not wish to put on airs, but I cannot help feeling that it is seemly in a total stranger to put "mister" before my name when he addresses me.

5) "I'd be interested to know how much you think it cost".

"Oh, in the trade somewhere round fifteen thousand dollars. But if it was bought on Fifth Avenue I shouldn't be surprised to hear that anything up to thirty thousand was paid for it".

V. Translate the following into Russian:

1) Bit of luck, I call it.

2) Mr Kelada was chatty.

3) It never occurred to him that he was not wanted.

4) He was certainly the best hated man in the ship.

5) "You can't bet on a certainly", said Mrs Ramsay. "Can't I? If I get a chance of easy money like that I should be all sorts of a fool not to take it I"

6) Her eyes held a desperate appeal.

  1. I did not entirely dislike Mr Kelada.

VI. Suggest how the following could be expressed in Russian.

a close inspection; a flying visit; a fellow-passenger; a ward­robe trunk; a commercial errand; a department store; a hundred dollar bill; a state-room; block letters; flashing teeth; exuberant gestures; a frigid indifference; an acrimonious discussion; an in­terminable discussion; a pretty little thing; a welcome visitor; a heated argument.

VII. Use the following in sentences of your own.

To be all for; to put up with; to set one at one's ease; to take one's word for it; to be none the worse for it; to choose to do something; to have someone at one's mercy; to have things one's own way; to go on an. errand; to look into a matter.

VIII. Paraphrase the following using words and word combinations from the text.

  1. I like him all the more for his being straightforward.

A swim will not do you any harm.

You'll have to believe me that it was really so.

It never occurredito him that he wasn't wanted.

They organized all kinds of shows and parties.

Mr Kelada was not to be rebuffed by the fact that people did not want his company.

You can't always expect things to be done the way you want.

I told him quite openly what I thought of him.

I know that he will readily support our plan.

IX. Translate the following into English using words and word combinations from the text.

1) Ему пришлось мириться с этим. .

2) Он всегда настоит на своём /сделает по-своему/.

3) Его самоуверенность была невыносима.

4) Миссис Рэмзибыла в полной зависимости от мистера Келада.

5) Держу с вами пари на плитку шоколада, что он сделает по-своему.

  1. У меня замерло сердце, когда я услышал эту новость.

X. Interpret the following sentences. Pay attention to the words and word combinations, in italics.

a) I. The passenger traffic in the ocean-going was heavy.

2. Time hung heavy on his hands.

  1. I'd go by air if I were you. You are sure to have heavy seas this time of the year.

He is a heavy sleeper.

b) I. Mr Kelada flashed an oriental smile at me.

2. It flashed upon me that it was just the thing.

3. There wasn't a flash of hope.

4. News was flashed over the country that he was ill.

c) I. Mr Kelada had us at his mercy.

  1. Have mercy on them, they are tired.

It is a mercy that we needn't get up so early.

  1. I. We called him Mr Know-All, even to his face.

2.He never shows his face here any more.

3. Her face is her fortune.

4. He had the face to tell me I was wrong.

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