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  1. Be ready to discuss the character of Annette.

What we come to know about her (age, appearance, background, occupation).

Analyse the way the author manages to reveal Annette's hostile attitude and her hatred towards Hans. What stylistic devices are used for this purpose? How do they help to reveal the main features of the character?

Comment, on her state of mind when she had a conversation with Hans before giving, birth to a baby. Have you noticed anything queer about her behaviour?

IV. Describe the scene when Hans bought some cheese and meat to Annette's family. Account for the behaviour of each member оf the family. Show your own attitude to it.

V. You've noticed that the language of the story is rich and expressive. Find some cases of the expressive use of metaphors, comparison, epithets, represented speech. Comment on their use in the story.

VI. The opening scene of the story and the end of it are alike in some way. Comment on the inhuman, brutal and even beastly action of both of them. Explain the motives of their actions.

VII. What is the mood permeating the story from its beginning to the end? What is the subject matter of the story?


  1. Read the 1st part of the story “Gigolo and Gigolette” by S. Maugham (pp. 67 – 76)

II. Translate the passage on p.74 from “It was certainly an odd pair ...” up to “Angelo hurried up ...”

III. Find the following words and word-combinations in the text and use them in your own sentences.

1. to catch sight of smb (smth)

2. to take the risk

3. to make one's living by + Gerund

4. to miss smth

5. to be a success with

6. to give smb a free meal

7. to be disappointed

8. to be over

9. to be impressed

10.to make a sensation

11. to go mad over smth

12. to get sick of smth

IV.Ask 5 why-questions on the text.

V. Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. Stella made her living by diving; she dived into a tank from. the top of the ladder sixty feet high.

2. Stella's trick was a great success with the public.

3. Mrs Barrow was an American widow who had the money hardly enough to keep body and soul together.

4.The public took an interest in Stella's trick, because it was very dangerous and every evening Stella was expecting to kill herself.

5.Every evening many rich people came to see the trick as they didn't want to miss the accident, and left disappointed.

6. Stella was very pretty, wasn't she?

7. When the trick was over the people were relieved to see Stella alive.

8. The odd pair attracted everyone's attention. The woman was young, attractive and dressed to the perfection.

9. The woman cannon-ball made a sensation in the Casino.

VI. Translate into English.

1.Стелла и Сид заказали пиво только для того, чтобы продлить беседу .

2. Трюк Стеллы пользовался успехом у публики.

3.Публика получала большое удовольствие от трюка Стеллы, так как он был очень опасный.

4.Сгелла обещала заплатить 100 фунтов тому, кто последует ее примеру и повторит ее трюк.

5.Английский лорд и его жена готовы были прийти к каждому, кто угостит их обедом.

6.Оказалось, что странная женщина была когда-то артисткой, выступления которой производили сенсацию.

7.Стелле приходилось рисковать дважды каждый вечер для того, чтобы заработать на жизнь себе и Сиду.

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