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VI. Comment on the following sentences:

1. «He knew that was the last straw. Bad luck, Stella taking it like that».

2. "They were out of job for weeks at a time".

3. "It was the final degradation, it had left with a recollection of horror and misery”.

4.”Do you think jobs can be had for the asking ?"

VI. Answer the following questions:

1. Where and when does the action occur?

2. What is the plot of the story? Does the story have an abrupt opening? Are there flashbacks? Prepare the summary of the plot.

3. Who are the main characters of the story? Describe Syd and Stella.

4. Comment on the role of minor characters. Why does the author introduce the odd pair?

What methods of characterization are used by the author?

5. Comment on the style of the author. What language is used: denotative or connotative? Formal or informal? What figures of speech are used by the author? Comment on the syntax of the story.

6. What is the tone and mood of the story?

7. Does the story have an open end?


I. Read the first part of the story "mackintosh" pp.87-103.

II. Find the following word-combinations in the text and use them

In your own sentences:

1 to be childish in expression and faulty in language p. 88

2. to fly into a passion p.88

3 to set about the day's work p.89

4. to be jealous of smth p.90

  1. to feel oneself in luck p. 90

6 to sell smth at a profit p.91

7. to be not of one's kidney p.92

8. at smb's expense p.93

9. to have a gift of repartee p.93

10. self-esteem p. 93

11. to be a heavy drinker p.95

12. to be close with one's (his, her) money p.95

13. to mix oneself in smb's affairs p.95

14.all the doctors (workers) put together p.97

15. to be three times the age of the young man p.101

III. Speak on the topic "Walker's hard life before his arrival to the island". Use the following words and word-combinations:

1. to be delighted to

2. It's best to begin

3. Now that

4. to see no reason

5. to retire from the world

6. to compel

7. to comfort, comfortable

8. grudge

9. into the bargain

IV. Be ready to discuss the characters of the story: their appearance, their character, their attitude to the natives, their background.

V. Answer the following questions:

1. Was Mackintosh of high opinion of Mr Walker and why?

2. What was the attitude of the natives towards Walker and why?

3. How did it happen that Mackintosh appeared on the island?

4. Was Mr Walker proud of his reputation? p.90

5. Where was Walker's wife? p.92

6. Was he a truthful person? Why do you think so? p.92

7. Why did he remain perfectly unconscious of the dislike for him?

8. How did Walker treat and cure the natives? p.94

  1. How does the punishment of the natives characterize Walker?


I. Read the 2nd part of the story “Mackintosh" pp. 104-121

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