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V. Ask 5 why-questions on the story under study.

VI. Agree or disagree with the following statements:

I. Norman Grange was a cotton-planter. He was up before breakfast to take the roll-call of his slaves and then walked over the estate to see that the tapping was properly done. The duty-performed, he went to his office.

2. Strangers very often came but she could not imagine what they wanted. She understood Malay because she had lived in Borneo for so many years. From her husband's tone she understood that smth had happened to please him.

3. Skelton had a disinterested curiosity in human creatures and he amused himself now by trying to make out from the books Norman had sent, from the look of him, and from the few words they had exchanged, what sort of a man he could be, he thought Norman was a very good man, seeking Skelton's company.

4. Mrs Grange had been on the stage a good many years and she was fed up with playing small parts; the agents told her a fellow called Victor Palace was taking a company out South, his wife was playing seconds and he invited Mrs Grange to play leading-parts .

5. What made Grange somewhat unusual was that he was a man with 2 countries. Born in London, he had lived there with his parents till he was old enough to go to school. At 17 he went to France and had never left it since except to go to Mesopotamia during the war.

  1. Answer the following questions:

1. What was Skelton's impression of the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Grange?

2. What have you learnt about Mr. Granges' past?

3. What have you learnt about Mrs. Granges' past?

4. Did the husband and wife have much in common?

5. Pay attention to Mrs. Granges speech. Is her grammar accurate? Compare her speech with that of Skelton.

  1. How did Skelton happen to find himself at the Granges'?

VIII. Translate into English:

1. Грейндж заколебался.. В его маленьких хитрых глазках мерцала алчность.

  1. Скелтон лег, но не мог уснуть, Хотя была нестерпимая жара, но не она его беспокоила. Было что-то ужасное в доме,где жили эти двое.

  2. «Конечно, будь у меня хоть чуть-чуть здравого смысла, я бы женился на малайской девушке, которая нарожала бы мне полдюжины ребятишек».

4. У Скелтона создалось впечатление, что Грандж был вспыльчивым и обидчивым человеком.

5. Она все время молчала, если только ее не спрашивали.

6. Скелтон изо всех сил пытался понять, что говорил ему Конг.

7. Это было странно, потому что внешне он производил приятное впечатление.

8. Его голова закружилась и, вскрикнув, он опустился на кровать.

  1. Make an outline of the first part of the story and get ready to speak on it.


I. Read the second port of the story "Flotsam one Jetsam” (p.25-39) by S.Maugham.

II. Give English equivalents of the following and use as many expressions in this situation as you can.

to know the ins and outs

to be on the tip of one's tongue

to feel more at home with smb

to have on Eastern streak in smb

to look fishy

III. Speak on the following topics using the active vocabulary:

1) Speak on how Skelton happened to find himself at the Granges' and the days spent there.

Use: to be offered grudgingly, to engage a couple of prahus, to account for his headache, it was curious, to shiver all over, to be too ill to be taken ashore, an ordinary go of malaria, to be too tired to argue further, to accept the compromise, a strange house, a strange manner, to have brunch, to seek one company, as weak as a rat, be taciturn, disconcerting (look), to all appearance,, to know the ins and outs of.

2) Speak on Vesta's love adventure with Jack.

Use: to get into the habit of talking out loud to herself, to address her reflection, to have half a mind, a different sort of chap, to take to smb, to be

a treat to smb, to feel more at home with smb, to be a country-born, to have an Eastern streak in smb, not to be promiscuous, to miss the chance, to bargain for, to be restless and miserable apart, to irritate smb to frenzy, to run awful risks, to have smth one's own way, bliss of one's reunion, to be distraught (out of one's mind), to have a miscarriage, to recover, a nervous tic, to look fishy

3)Speak on Mrs.Grange's little experience on the stage and how she met Norman

Use: to be on the stage a good many years, to be fed up with small ports, to play lead (seconds), a chance, be bust, to give a benefit performance, be not much without smb, be at one's wits' end, to propose to smb, to sound romantic, to all appearances.

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