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II. Find the following words and word-combinations in the text and use them in your own sentences:

1. to begin to wear long: faces р.104

2. to break one's spirit p. 105

3. to pull oneself together p.107

4. to bring oneself to look p.108

5. to swim (to go) to and fro p. 112

6. to have a natural gift p. 113

7. the matter was in the hands of fate p.115

8. to burst out into laughter p.115

9. to enter upon the day's work with zest p.115

10. to stand rooted to the floor p. 116

11. as right as rain p. 119

III. Interpret the following sentences:

p.105 He broke their spirit.

р.116 He felt not peace with the world and with himself. The uncertainty was amusing and Mackintosh chuckled in the silence.

p. 116 Mackintosh stood rooted to the floor, for there, half hidden by untidy papers, was his revolver. His heart throbbed painfully and be broke into a sweat.

IV. Answer the following questions:

1. Did Mackintosh really want Mr Walker to pay the natives?

2. Why did Mackintosh want Walker to die? Did the natives also want him to die?

3.Why did Mackintsh keep his eyes on Manuma's shoulder while he was speaking to him?

4.Did Mackintosh want to marry Jarvis's daughter?

5. Why didn't Mackintosh prevent Mr. Walker's death?

6. Imagine the natives find out the real murderer of Mr.Walker,

what'1l happen then?

  1. Why did Mackintosh put a bullet through his head?

Was it a good way out?

V. Pick out the sentences characterizing Mr Walker and Mackintosh and be ready to comment t on them. Make up character - sketches of them.

VI. Comment on the title of the story.

VII. Do you like it? What is the author's attitude to the things described and to his heroes?

  1. What do you think of this story? (What does it teach you?)


I. Read the 1st part of the story "Footprints in the Jungle" pp. 121-136

II. Give English equivalents of the following and use as many of them in your own sentences:

1. to take stock of a person p.121

2. to know one's mind p.123

3. to look full in smb's face p.124

4. a lot of water has passed under the bridge p.127

5. as straight as a die p.129

  1. to know smth (smb) from A to Z p. 129

"to be all to pieces p*136

III. Read and give literary translation of the passage on p. 123 beginning with : "I thought her a very agreeable person" up to p. 125. to do smile and look as if we liked it".

IV. Pick out the sentences characterizing the main features of Mrs. Cartwight's character and be ready to comment on them . Make a character sketch of Mrs. Cartwight.

a) describe her appearance, age, occupation;

b) show the attitude of Mr. Cartwight and Mr Bronson towards Mrs. Cartwight;

c) describe their way of living;

d) analyse the way the author depicts his main character (Mrs. Cartwight).

v/hat stylistic devices are used by the author and for what purpose?

how do they help to reveal the main features of the charac?

V. Discuss the characters of the story:

a.) Comment on the sentences you* ve chosen;

b) Answer the following questions:

1. what is the appearance of Mrs. Cartwight? p.123

2. What does the author think of her? p.123

  1. Compare Mr Cartwight with Mr. Bronson. p.125-1d29

Why did Mr Cartwight arrive in Mr Bronson's farm?

Mr. Bronson let Mr. Cartwight stay at the farm as long as he liked and for nothing. How does it characterise him and Mrs. Cartwight?

  1. Why did Вronson go to Kabulong one day?

Account for the behaviour of Mr. Cartwight and Mr. Вгоnson before Mr. Bronson's arrivalfrom Kabulong. p.p.135-136

  1. Why did MrCartwlght sit quite still with a livid face?

Why was Mrs Bronson frightened on finding out that Mr. Bronson was wounded?

Why did Mr. Bronson turn on doctor's wife almost fiercely when she offered to go with her and spend the night at the bungalow? .

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