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VI. Interpret the following sentences:

1. p12 ... it has an air of neglect and when you enter you feel that you intrude.

2. p.123 It was pleasantly acid, but it wan amusing enough to be offensive only to a fool.

  1. p.125 Olive was not very pretty, but she had still the plumpness of her age; she would he more attractive when she had fined down a little.

p.138 Cartwight. with that livid face, sat quite still, his mouth open, .and stared at her. You might have thought he was turned to stone.

VII. Name some reasons of murdering Mr. Bronson.


I. Read the 2nd part of the story "Footprints in the Jungle" pp. 136-151

II. Give English equivalents of the following and reproduce situations with them from the text.

1. to be a surprise to smb p.138

2. to be bored at the idea of p.138

3. to keep smth dark p.138

4. as pleased as Punch p.138

5. to arm oneself with patience p.143

6. to behave like a brick p.144 (to be a brick)

7. to look for a needle in a bundle of hay p.147

8. to get smb out of the way p.150

III. Translate the following sentences from English into Russian and then from Russian into English again.

1. She said she would be perfectly all right, and when the doctor's wife insisted - you know how bent some people are on forcing their kindness on those in trouble - she turned on her almost fiercely.

2. I should have thought she'd be as pleased as Punch. She told me that Bronson didn't like children and he'd be awfully bored at the idea

3. I suppose we all have our little squeamishness; you know, I've always had a horrible distaste for touching dead bodies. I've had to do it fairly often now, but it still makes me feel slightly sick.

4. It looked as though he had been killed by men who knew his ha­bits, and suspicion, of course, fell immediately on the coolies of of his estate.

5. We examined them all - pretty carefully - but there was not a scrap of evidence to connect any of them with the crime.

V. Comment on the passage on p.149 beginning with "I'm sure of it ..." up to "...Her influence; he is now".

V. Do you agree with these statements? 1/ "Human memory is astonishingly short"; 2/ "... you'd know it's not what people do that really mat­ters, it's what they are"; 3/ Luckily a policeman has nothing to do with their thoughts, only with their deeds; if he had, it would be very different, a much more difficult matter; 4/ Gaze said he shouldn't like one job - God's , at the Judgment Day. Why?

VI. 1. What is your attitude to the things described?

2. What is the author's attitude to his heroes and the things described?

  1. Comment on the title of the story.


1. Speak on Maugham's life, creative activity and main ideas of the stories you have read.

2. S. Maugham is a brilliant master of portraying his characters. (Use stories "Mr.Know-All", "The Unconquered", "Mackintosh", "Footprints in the Jungle")

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