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4 B). Fill in the gaps with the help of the elements or whole expressions given above.

  1. The Perfect Chair’s ergonomic design and _____________________positions the body in a neutral position that counteracts gravity’s adverse effects.

  2. Although no official deadline for achieving ____________________________has been set, a mission to our closest neighbour is imminent, according to some scientists.

  3. From age 70, ________________________________________ becomes more common in men and can cause spontaneous fractures and increased risk of fractures following falls

  4. A method for the prophylaxis or treatment of ________________________________ in an animal or human includes the administering to the animal or human an effective amount of necessary vitamins and mineral.

  5. The _______________________________ of the population and the strong desires for working by the retired old has become a serious issue on the Japanese pension management

  6. Perhaps to _________________your __________________ means to prevent diabetes. Certainly bone producing cells in mice can pump out a powerful signal that blocks belly fat, and keeps the blood sugar regulated.

5. Which is not related to bones?

femur, thighbone, fracture, spleen, osteoporosis

6. Which of the following is not a synonym to” work”?

a) stint, job, task, pastime

b) make up sentences with the expressions: to set a stint, without stint

In Class

1. Listen to the Webcast New technology may prevent space travel bone damage and do the exercises.

2. What do you know about such disease as osteoporosis?

3. Listen and decide “who is who”?



  1. Tom Tilley

US inventor

  1. Clint Rubin


  1. Elizabeth Jackson


C – Comprehension Test 1

1 The new technology is currently being

A used in the US

B tested in the US

C developed in the US

2 The danger to health can increase dramatically A with natural ageing

B without sunshine

C with physical overload

3 Crew members on the ISS lost up

A to a percent of bone mass per month

B to two per cent of bone mass per month.

C to two per cent of bone mass per year

4 The round trip to Mars would take

A several years

B 70 years

C 17 years

5 An astronaut being deprived of gravity is

A rapidly putting on weight

B rapidly ageing

C deprived of communication with his friends

6 Our skeleton wastes away

A without vitamin C

B without the proper physical load

C when we sleep

7 The technology is based on

A artificial skeleton

B nutrition of skeleton

C mechanical signals into the skeleton

8 The critical period of staying in outer space is not more

A than 90 days

B 6 months

C 16 months

9 Astronauts are putting their skeletons

A at a higher risk of softening

B at a higher risk or fracture.

C at a higher level of flexibility

10 In the case of fracture on the Mars

the problem will be the lack of

A time to recover

B medical service

C first-aid kit

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