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1. Study the media information related to drug issues. What are the most flagrant cases?

2. Set up an imaginary commission which is to deal with police involvement in drug trade. What experts should be invited? Why?

Vocabulary 12




  1. crystal methamphetamine

  1. the Salvation Army's

  1. detox centre

  1. charity

  1. a drop-off in the numbers of people

  1. people addicted to ice

  1. a spiked increase

  1. National Drug and Alcohol

Research Centre

  1. get a bad reputation

  1. have negative effects

of using a drug

  1. check oneself in for a

drug addiction

  1. get into punch-ups

  1. burn down smth to

a puddle on the ground

  1. annual drug figures

  1. availability

  1. constantly evolving challenge

  1. take a firm line on smth

  1. the use of illicit drugs

  1. highlight the dangers of a drug

  1. pleasing

1. What countries are the most successful in their war on drugs?

2. Compose a charter of an international organization which can aim to protect society from the drug-related crime.

Vocabulary 14




  1. step down as President

  1. hand over\ transfer power to smb

  1. temporarily

  1. spark boisterous/little reaction

  1. a revolutionary icon

  1. rumpled

  1. military fatigues

  1. dodge smth thrown at smb

  1. an invasion bid

  1. an assassination plot

  1. trade embargo

  1. take the world to the brink of nuclear war

  1. let some country put ballistic missiles

  1. a 13-day stand-off

  1. constitute an explicit threat to smth

  1. leave office in a coffin

  1. a military coup

  1. on his own terms

  1. secure a smooth transition of power to smb

  1. every single effort

  1. pragmatic policy of civil relations

  1. motorists are honking their horns

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