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4 B). Fill in the gaps with the help of the elements or whole expressions given above:

  1. Almost three years later, however, the initiative launched in the Governor's Office that day has helped support dozens of energy programs and _______________________for the nation's most oil-dependent state to potentially become its most energy self-sufficient

  2. Gov.-elect Paul LePage ________________________in his victory speech Wednesday in Waterville, when he summed up his reason for running with these words: “I ran for governor because I believe people of Maine need to be ahead of politics, even in Augusta.”

  3. The World Council of Churches has lamented the "intolerable loss of life" in Thailand and asked for all parties to _______________________.

  4. We'll _______________________________ on multitasking until we've had more time to play with it, but for now, it works as well as can be expected. 

In class

1. Listen to the Webcast Obama’s Landmark Speech and do the exercises.

C - Comprehension Test (1 variant)

Listen and choose the write answer. Put the letter of your choice into the box below.

1. President Obama made his speech

A in Israel

B in Palestine

C in Egypt

2.Mr. Obama realizes that this speech

A will eradicate mistrust between the West and the Islamic world

B may not put an end to years of mistrust

C will make the Islamic world trust the USA

3. The reporter says that Obama

A spoke in a very pleasant voice

B chose the right tone for the statement

C sang US hymn with the band in the airport

4. People expected Barack Obama to

A promote these relationship B outline the strategy for Israel and Palestine

C redefine the relationship between Islam and the West

5. US President want Muslims to understand that

A US-Islam relations are exclusive

B The USA and Islam have no need to compete

C mutual interest and mutual respect are not exclusive

6. Barack Obama condemned

A unfair treatment of Arab nations in the past

B colonialism

C Arab nations for being proxies in the Cold War

7. US President says he ordered to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay

A but to close it next year is too early

B by early June

C as a step to eradicate tortures in the USA

8. Barack Obama asked Israel

A to stop building Jewish neighbourhoods

B not to build Jewish settlements on land claimed by PalestineC to build settlements for the Palestinians

9. Addressing Palestinians he insisted that they should

A abandon the idea of their own state

B stop violence

C succeed through resistance

10. Some people are not enthusiastic about this speech, because

A they want words to become deeds

B they don’t believe President Obama

C they don’t think anything would change after it

C-Comprehension Test (2 variant)

Listen and choose the write answer. Put the letter of your choice into the box below.

1. President Obama

A admitted mistakes of the West

B said the Middle East is a challenge for the West

C promised to confront his own shortcomings

2. He said that university of Al-Azhar is

A unfortunately only for Muslims

B one of European most remarkable universities

C the leading educational establishment in the Islamic world

3. US President expressed his pride of being a messenger of

A the goodwill of the Muslim communities and a greeting of peace from American people

B the goodwill of the American and a greeting of peace from US Muslims

C of the goodwill of the Western community

4. President Obama believes it to be his duty

A to fight against negative stereotypes of the USA

B to struggle against wrong perception of Islam

C to struggle against prejudices in Islamic world

5. The speaker also acknowledged some recent mistakes in US foreign policy regarding

A the Middle East

B Iran and Cuba

C Iraq and Cuba

6. US President persuaded Muslims

A to change their stereotypes regarding the United Nations

B to change their attitude to US Jews

C to admit massacre of Jews in WWII

7. Mr. Obama holds the opinion that construction of Jewish settlement on the lands claimed by Palestinians

A is quite fair and should be continued

B is an effort to bring peace to the region

C is a breach of preceding agreements which prevents establishing peace

8. The word ‘Palestine’ is avoided in diplomatic discourse because

A there is no such a sovereign state

B its mentioning irritates Israel

C due to some previous agreements

9. There were promises

A to fund schools and roads in Afghanistan

B to fund schools and roads in Pakistan

C to develop the economies of Iraq and Pakistan

10. When US president delivered his speech

A streets of Cairo were overcrowded with enthusiastic people

B most of people watched football in cafes

C there was almost nobody in the streets as they were listening to the speech in cafes

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