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Infinitive or gerund?

Task 1. Error analysis. Correct the errors in the following.

  1. Helen borrowed my dictionary for looking up the spelling of the word “occurrence”.

  2. She offered picking us up at the station.

  3. I remember to play with dolls when I was a child.

  4. What did you forget doing before you left for class this morning?

  5. Did Carol agree going camping with you?

  6. The taxi driver refused taking a check.

  7. He wanted the passenger pay in cash.

  8. I went to the library for study last night.

  9. The teacher opened the window for getting some fresh air in the room.

  10. I always remember turning off the lights when I leave home.

  11. He suggested to go to the restaurant with him, but I refused.

  12. Don’t tell me his secret. I prefer not knowing.

  13. Fred suggested to go skiing in the mountains.

  14. Keep to talk. I’m listening to you.

  15. Did the doctor order Mrs. Gray giving up smoking?

Task 2. Complete the sentences with the correct form, gerund or infinitive, of the verbs in parenthesis.

  1. Margaret challenged me (race) ___ her across the pool.

  2. David volunteered (bring) ___ some food to the reception.

  3. The students practiced (pronounce) ___ the “th” sound in the phrase “these thirty-three dirty trees”.

  4. In the fairy-tale, the wolf threatened (eat) ___ a girl named Little Red Riding Hood.

  5. The horses struggled (pull) ___ the wagon out of the mud.

  6. I appreciate your (take) ___ the time to help me.

  7. I avoided (tell) ___ Mary the truth because I knew she would be angry.

  8. Ted managed (change) ___ my mind.

  9. I urged Al (return) ___ to school and (finish) ___his education.

  10. I can’t afford (buy) ___ a new car.

  11. I don’t recall ever (hear) ___ you mention his name.

  12. Mrs. Freeman can’t help (worry) ___ about her children.

  13. She keeps (promise) ___ (visit) ____ us but she never does.

  14. Children I forbid you (play) ___ in the street. There’s too much traffic.

  15. Julie finally admitted (be) ___ responsible for the problem.

  16. I used (think) ___that life ended at 30.

  17. Jane was never a very reliable friend. If I were you I would try (forget) ___ her.

  18. He went on (write) ___ his essay despite the noise.

  19. I couldn’t help them (find) ___ what they were looking for as I was in too much of a hurry. But harry looked so funny that I couldn’t help (laugh) ___.

  20. After half an hour we stopped (make) ___ a cup of tea.

  21. I remember (see) ___ him in the part of Hamlet at the Academy Theatre.

  22. If your clothes don’t seem very white after you have washed them, try (soak) ___ them in a little bleach.

  23. I’m not used to (think) ___ so hard this early in the morning.

  24. I like (be) ___ the centre of attention.

  25. Can you smell something (burn) ___ ?

Task 3. Which is correct?

  1. Don’t forget to switch off the light before you go out.

  1. switch b. to switch c. switching

  1. I’m sorry, but I haven’t got time ______.

  1. for talking b.to talk c. talking

  1. Bill is always in the kitchen. He enjoys ___.

  1. cook b. to cook c. cooking

  1. You’re making too much noise. Can you please stop ___

  1. shout b. to shout c. shouting

  1. Did you use a dictionary _____ the letter?

  1. to translate b. for translating c. for translate

  1. I don’t mind ___ here, but I prefer to sit by the window.

  1. sit b. to sit c. sitting

  1. Do you want ___ you?

  1. help b. to help c. helping

  1. I always read the newspaper before _____ work.

  1. start b. to start c. starting

  1. I wasn’t feeling very well, but the medicine made me ___ better.

  1. feel b. to feel c. feeling

  1. Shall I phone the restaurant ___ a table?

  1. for reserve b. for reserving c. to reserve

Task 4. Here are some conversations for you to analyse. Complete each conversation by using a verb from the box. Please, decide whether to use a gerund or an infinitive.

Stay, meet, see, get, have

A: Sorry, I missed ___ you last week. I was feeling so ill that I decided ___ in bed; that is why I didn’t manage ___ to the meeting.

B: Well, never mind, we’ve arranged ___ another meeting next week; we’re planning ___ at about two in the usual place.

Attack, give, steal, drop, see

A: The accused doesn’t admit ___ the money, and he certainly denies ___ the cashier. The cashier is refusing ___ evidenced because she can’t recall ever ___ the accused before.

B: In that case, I expect the police are considering ___ the charges.

Go, speak, sit, visit

A: When I heard we could afford a holiday, I chose ___ Italy. But then Roger said he wanted to avoid ___ in the sun and he also wanted to practice ___ German.

B: So is that why you agreed ___ Germany instead?

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