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Module 1. Grammar topic 1.2

Revision of the verbals. The gerund. The infinitive.

Placement test

І. Point out the verbals and comment on their form and function.

  1. To go there alone is out of the question..

  2. When I walked past the park, I saw some children playing badminton.

  3. As the storm approached, the birds stopped singing.

  4. I appreciate having been told the news.

  5. I didn’t expect to be invited to his party.

  6. The children promised not to play quietly and not to make so much noise.

  7. Teasing animals is cruel.

  8. While waiting for my plane, I watched other planes taking off and landing.

  9. I went to the bank to have the check cashed.

  10. The rain seems to have stopped.

  11. I insist on being told the truth now.

  12. Having lived in a hot country for several years, he got used to tropical climate.

  13. She is very worried about having written that check, as she doesn’t have enough money on her account to cover it.

  14. Nobody enjoys being laughed at by other people.

  15. It’s unusual for Jane to wake up early in the morning.

ІІ. Supply an appropriate form for each verb in parenthesis.

  1. I’m angry at him for (tell, not) ____ me the truth.

  2. It’s easy (fool) ___ by his lies.

  3. I enjoy (watch) ___TV in the evening.

  4. Don’t all of us want (love) ___ and (need) ___ by other people?

  5. I have to go. There is a lot of work (wait) ___ for me (do) ___.

  6. You had better (go) ___ to the garden and (have) ___ some rest.

  7. (Drive) ___ to Atlanta will take us ten hours.

  8. Jane is fortunate (give) ___ a scholarship.

  9. (Cross) ___ a busy street, he stopped and looked around.

  10. The travel agent advised us (wait) ___ till August.

  11. Most children prefer (watch) __ TV to (listen) ___ to the radio.

  12. I’m getting tired. I need (take) ___ a break.

  13. Could you please stop (whistle ____ ? I’m trying (concentrate) ___ on my work.

  14. What a mess! This room needs (clean) ____ up.

  15. They admired the stars (twinkle) ___ in the sky.

Task 1. Decide if the following statements about the verbals (non-finite forms of the verb) are true or false. Correct false statements.

  1. There are four verbals in English. /F

  2. Non-finite forms of the verb do not show if the action refers to the present, past or future. /T

  3. Verbals have the category of mood. /F

  4. Verbals have the category of aspect. /T

  5. Verbals have the category of correlation. /T

  6. Verbals have the category of voice. /T

  7. Both Participle I and Gerund can be used as subjects. /F

  8. Non-finite forms of the verb in Russian fully coincide with those in English. /F

Task 2. Open the brackets using the verb in the infinitive, gerund or participle form.

  1. Jason wouldn’t let them (take) ___ his picture.

  2. It’s a serious problem. Something needs (do) ___ about it soon.

  3. (Look)___ at the car after the accident made him (realize) ___ that he was indeed lucky (be) ___ alive.

  4. Do something! Don’t just sit there (stare) ___ blankly at the wall.

  5. Mary suggested (go) ___ on a picnic.

  6. We sat in the kitchen (sip) ___ very hot, strong tea and (eat) ___ cheese sandwiches.

  7. I admit (be) ___ a little nervous about the job interview. I don’t know what (expect) ___ .

  8. No, that’s not what I meant (say) ___. How can I make you (understand)___

  9. Recently Joe has been spending most of her time (do) ____ research for her book.

  10. Emily stopped her car (let) ___ a black car (run) ___ across the street.

  11. No one could make Ted (feel) ___ afraid. He refused (intimidate) ___ by anyone.

  12. My English is pretty good, but sometimes I have trouble (understand) ___ lectures at school.

  13. I have finally assembled enough information (begin) ___ writing my thesis.

  14. I was terribly disappointed (discover) ______ that he had lied to me.

  15. There’s a great difference between (be) ___ a freshman and (be) ___ a senior.

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