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Managing assets

Organizing assets in the Project panel

Work with bins

The Project panel can include bins, which you can use to organize project contents in much the same way as folders in Windows® Explorer or Mac OS® Finder. Bins can contain source files, sequences, and other bins. You may want to use bins in the following ways:

To store lists of offline files for batch capture.

To store each sequence and its source files separately.

To organize files by type, such as video, still images, and audio files.



Project panel

A. Parent bin B. Child bin

These are the default behaviors of bins in the Project panel. You can change the last three bin default behaviors by editing bin preferences.

To learn more about working with bins, see the video tutorial, Enhanced Bins In Premiere Pro CS3, on the Creative COW website.

To add a bin, click the New Bin button at the bottom of the Project panel.

To delete one or more bins, select the bins and click the Delete icon at the bottom of the Project panel.

If you click New Bin multiple times in a row, each new bin is nested inside the previous new bin.

To move an item into a bin, drag the item to the Bin icon. You can move bins into other bins to nest them. Dropping an item into a bin does not automatically open the bin.

To display the contents of a bin, in List view, click the triangle beside the Bin icon to expand it, or double-click the bin.

To show the contents of an enclosing (parent) bin when you’re viewing only the contents of a nested bin, click the Parent Bin button in the Project panel. You can continue to click this button until the top-level contents of the Project panel appear.

To open a bin in its own floating panel, double-click the bin. This panel can be docked or grouped like any other panel.

To open a bin in place, Ctrl-double-click (Windows) or Command-double-click (Mac OS) the bin.

Last updated 1/16/2012

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