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Effects and transitions

10 Bit White Point The white point (maximum density) for converting a 10-bpc logarithmic Cineon clip.

Internal White Point The white point used for the clip in Premiere Pro.

Gamma Increase or decrease Gamma to lighten or darken midtones, respectively.

Highlight Rolloff The rolloff value used to correct bright highlights. If adjusting the brightest areas makes the rest of the image appear too dark, use Highlight Rolloff to adjust these bright highlights. If highlights appear as white blotches, increase Highlight Rolloff until details are visible. An image with high contrast may require a high rolloff value.

Video effects

Timecode effect

The Timecode effect overlays a timecode display on your video to make pinpointing scenes and collaborating with team members and clients easier. The timecode display indicates whether the clip is progressive or interlaced. If the clip is interlaced video, the symbol indicated whether the frame is the upper or lower field. Settings in the Timecode effect let you control the display position, size, and opacity, as well as format and source options.

Position Adjusts the horizontal and vertical position of the timecode.

Size Specifies the size of text.

Opacity Specifies the opacity of the black box behind the timecode.

Field Symbol Makes the interlaced field symbol visible or invisible to the right of the timecode.

Format Specifies whether timecode is displayed in the SMPTE format, in frame numbers, or in feet and frames of 35mm or 16mm film.

Timecode Source Chooses the source for the timecode:

Clip Displays the timecode starting at 0 from the beginning of the clip.

Media Displays the timecode of the media file.

Generate Starts the timecode as determined by the Starting Time In The Offset option and counts up based on the Time Display option.

Note: Setting Timecode Source to Generate enables the "Starting Timecode" field. By enabling the Starting Timecode field, you can set a custom start time.

Time Display Sets the time base used by the Timecode effect. By default, this option is set to the project time base when the Timecode Source is set to Clip.

Offset Adds or subtracts frames from the displayed timecode. The offset slider has a limit of plus or minus 50 frames. For higher numbers, click the Offset hot text and type the number of frames.

Label Text Displays a three character label to the left of the timecode. Choose from None, Automatic, and Camera 1 through Camera 9.

See how to make The Timecode effect start and stop at certain points in your video in this video tutorial.

Video dissolve transitions

Additive Dissolve transition

Additive Dissolve adds the color information from clip B to clip A, and then subtracts the color information of clip A from clip B.

Last updated 1/16/2012

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