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Editing sequences and clips

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Change sequence preview resolution settings” on page 148 “Specify scratch disks to improve system performance” on page 47

Use preview files when rendering

In the Export Settings dialog box, check Use Previews.

Delete preview files

1 With a Timeline panel active, do one of the following:

To delete the render files only for a range of clips, adjust the Work Area bar so that it spans only the desired range. Then, choose Sequence > Delete Work Area Render Files. Those preview files which have any part of their associated clip within the work area will be deleted.

To delete all the render files for a sequence, choose Sequence > Delete Render Files.

You can set a keyboard shortcut for Delete Render Files and Delete Work Area Render Files.

2 When you are prompted, click OK.

Play a sequence from start to finish

In the Program Monitor, click the Play In To Out button .

Scroll a sequence during preview

You can set an option to automatically scroll a sequence when it is wider than the visible area in its Timeline panel.

1Choose Edit > Preferences > General (Windows) or Premiere Pro > Preferences > General (Mac OS). Type the desired lengths in the Preroll and Postroll fields.

2Choose an option from the Timeline Playback Auto-Scrolling menu:

No Scroll Sequence doesn’t scroll.

Page Scroll Sequence scrolls through the visible area of a Timeline panel a page at a time. This is the option set by default.

Smooth Scroll Current-time indicator stays in the center of the visible area while the sequence scrolls under it.

Previewing on a television monitor

You can display the sequence on any monitor connected to your computer. Previewing on a television monitor requires video hardware that provides an appropriate video port for the monitor.

Previewing on a television monitor via video card

Some video cards and operating system software products support a television monitor independent of the computer desktop. Others support a second computer monitor that is contiguous with the computer desktop so that it can also function as additional space for the application. See the documentation that came with your video card and operating system.

Last updated 1/16/2012

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