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Animation and keyframes

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Select keyframes

If you want to modify or copy a keyframe, first select it in a Timeline panel. Unselected keyframes appear hollow; selected keyframes appear solid. You don’t need to select segments between keyframes because you can drag segments directly. Also, segments automatically adjust when you change the keyframes that define their end points.

Do any of the following:

To select a keyframe, use the Selection tool or the Pen tool to click the Keyframe icon in the Timeline panel.

To select multiple keyframes, Shift-click with the Selection tool or the Pen tool to select multiple contiguous or noncontiguous keyframes in a Timeline panel.

Note: When you position the Selection or Pen tool over a keyframe, the pointer appears with a Keyframe icon .

To select multiple keyframes by dragging in the Timeline panel, use the Pen tool to draw a marquee selection box around the keyframes. Shift-drag to add more keyframes to an existing selection.

In the Effect Controls panel, you can also use the Selection tool to drag and select multiple keyframes.

To select all keyframes for a property in the Effect Controls panel, click the layer property name. For example, click Position to select all the Position keyframes for a layer.

Delete keyframes

If you no longer need a keyframe, you can easily delete it from an effect property in either the Effect Controls or a Timeline panel. You can remove all keyframes at once or deactivate keyframes for the effect property. In the Effect Controls, when you deactivate keyframes with the Toggle Animation button, existing keyframes are deleted and no new keyframes can be created until you reactivate keyframes.

1Make sure that the effect property’s graphs are visible in the Effect Controls panel or Timeline panel.

2Do one of the following:

Select one or more keyframes and choose Edit > Clear. You can also press Delete.

Navigate the current-time indicator to the keyframe and click the Add/Remove Keyframe button.

(Effect Controls panel only) To delete all keyframes for an effect property, click the Toggle Animation button to the left of the name of the effect or property. When prompted to confirm your decision, click OK.

Note: When you deactivate the Toggle Animation button, keyframes for that property are permanently removed and the value of that property becomes the value at the current time. You cannot restore deleted keyframes by reactivating the Toggle Animation button. If you accidentally delete keyframes, choose Edit > Undo.

More Help topics

View keyframes and graphs” on page 415

Modify keyframe values

Last updated 1/16/2012



Animation and keyframes

Edit keyframe graphs in the Effect Controls panel

Once you activate keyframing for an effect’s property, you can display the effect’s Value and Velocity graphs. Value graphs provide information about the value of nonspatial keyframes (such as the Scale property of the Motion effect) at any point in time. They also display and let you adjust the interpolation between keyframes. You can use the Velocity graph to fine-tune the rate of change between keyframes.




Effect property’s value and velocity graphs

A. Keyframe marker B. Level graph indicating unchanged value C. Rising graph indicating increasing value D. Falling graph indicating decreasing value E. Keyframe F. Value graph G. Velocity graph

1In a Timeline panel, select a clip containing an effect containing keyframes you want to adjust.

2In the Effect Controls panel, click the triangle to expand the controls for the effect.

3Click the triangle next to a property’s name to display its Value and Velocity graphs.

Note: If no keyframes have been added, the graphs appear as flat lines.

4(Optional) To better view a graph, hover the Selection or Pen tool over the boundary line below a graph. When the pointer turns into a segment pointer , drag to increase the height of the graph area.

5Use the Selection or Pen tool to drag a keyframe up or down on the Value graph, changing the effect property’s value.

Note: In a Value or Velocity graph, you cannot move a keyframe left or right to change its current time. Instead, drag a keyframe marker above the graph using the Selection or Pen tool.

Edit keyframe graphs from a Timeline panel

1Make sure a Timeline panel has at least one clip containing one or more effects with keyframes. Select this clip and select the Effect Controls panel.

2Make sure that the keyframes for the clip or track are visible in a Timeline panel.

3In the Effect Controls panel, click the triangle next to the control you want to adjust to expose its Value and Velocity graphs.

4In the effect menu that appears after the name of the clip or track, select the property you want to adjust. If you can’t see the effect menu, try increasing the magnification of a Timeline panel.

5Use the Selection or Pen tool to do one of the following:

If you want to edit multiple or nonadjacent keyframes, select those keyframes.

Last updated 1/16/2012

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