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Importing, transferring, capturing, and digitizing

4Select one or more files from the list of files. To select more than one non-contiguous file, Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS) the filenames. To select more than one contiguous file, Shift-click the filenames.

5Do one of the following:

Select File > Import From Browser, or right-click the file in the Media Browser and select Import. Alternatively, you can drag the file from the Media Browser into the Project panel, or drag the file from the Media Browser into a Timeline.

The Media Browser imports the file into the Project panel.

Right-click the file in the Media Browser and select Open In Source Monitor. Alternatively, double-click the file in the Media Browser to open it in the Source Monitor.

The Media Browser opens the file in the Source Monitor.

Import files with the Import commands

Note: While you can import clips directly from file-based media connected to your computer, it is best to first transfer clips from these media to a hard disk. Then, import them from the hard disk. For more information about transferring files, see “About transferring files” on page 61

Choose File > Import. You can select multiple files.

To import a recently imported file, choose File > Import Recent File > [file name]. (The file name doesn’t appear if Premiere Pro preferences have been reset.)

To import a folder of files, choose File > Import. Locate and select the folder, and then click Import Folder. The folder, with its contents, is added as a new bin in the Project panel.

For instructions on importing a numbered still-image sequence as a clip, see “Import numbered still-image sequences as video clips” on page 70.

More Help topics

Import files using Adobe Bridge” on page 64

Import files using Adobe Bridge

You can import files into Premiere Pro from Adobe Bridge.

More Help topics

About Adobe Bridge CS5

Start Adobe Bridge from Adobe Premiere Pro

For a video on using Adobe Bridge, see www.adobe.com/go/vid0090.

Do one of the following:

Choose File > Browse In Bridge.

Select a file in the Project panel, then choose File > Reveal in Bridge.

Import files from Adobe Bridge

1Start Adobe Bridge from Premiere Pro.

2In Adobe Bridge, double-click the clip.

Last updated 1/16/2012

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