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Effects and transitions

Cross Dissolve transition

Cross Dissolve fades out clip A while fading in clip B.

Cross dissolve can also work well at the beginning or end of a clip when you want to fade in or out from black. Stan Arthur has made a short video describing how to do this.

Dip To Black transition

Dip To Black fades clip A to black, and then fades from black to clip B.

Note: Using dip to black at the beginning or end of a clip will also affect a video on a lower track, something not always expected when a simple fade in/out of the targeted clip is what is wanted. The cross dissolve transition may work better for this, as Stan Arthur shows in this video tutorial.

Dip To White transition

For information on using Dip To White, watch the online training video on the Total Training website.

Dither Dissolve transition

Dither Dissolve fades clip A to clip B using a dithering algorithm. You can specify any of the following options:

Border Width increases the size o the dithering. The default is zero.

Border Color Determines the color used for the dithering. The default is black.

Anti-aliasing Quality The default is Off.

Film Dissolve transition(CS5.5 and later)

The Film Dissolve transition is new in Premiere Pro CS5.5. It’s a dissolve transition that blends in a linear color space (gamma = 1.0).

The Film Dissolve transition blends in a more realistic way; basically, dissolves look the way that they should.

Non-Additive Dissolve transition

Non-Additive Dissolve maps the luminance of clip A onto clip B.

Random Invert transition

Random Invert produces random blocks inverting the color of clip A, and then the blocks disappear, revealing clip B.

Audio effects and transitions reference

For video effects, see “Effects and transitions reference” on page 339.

Audio effects and transitions list

Audio effects

Balance effect” on page 405

Bandpass effect” on page 406

Bass effect” on page 406

Last updated 1/16/2012

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