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  1. Exercise 3. A. Read and learn.

  2. I Want to Read Faster

  3. Mary: I've read a detective story. It wasn't very good so I wasted (тратить, терять время) much time.

  4. Jane: Oh, it takes me now not more than an hour to read a novel.

  5. M.: Really?

  6. J.: Two months ago it would have taken me about two days. It is a pity you didn't join me when I was taking speed-reading course.

  7. M.: Two things hold me back. Doubts that any system could radi­cally and permanently increase my speed. And money for the courses.

  8. J.: But I thought that if I could double my speed, the sum would­n't be so much.

  9. M.: Sure, you are right. By the way, some authorities say it isn't reading. Though a lot of unread newspapers, books and maga­zines about the house might fall on me. My present work day reading is 200 words per minute, it is very slow. How are those speed reading courses?

  10. J.: Great, today 50,000 students a year take these courses.

  11. M.: How long does this course last?

  12. J.: Eight weeks, a 2,5 hour session a week plus an hour a day drill.

  13. M.: What is your speed now?

  14. J.: The final test showed that my speed was 1520 w.p.m. The book was the same we have used for our entrance exam.

  15. M.: But you can lose the technique.

  16. J.: It is another question. The only wide survey (опрос) of ex-students — 1800 of them — showed that after a year one third of the people weren't using the method at all. Another third said they use it sometimes and that probably they have kept speed. But the rest of the students said they were reading faster than a year later.

  17. B. Answer the following questions:

  18. 1. Are you a fast or a slow reader?

  1. In what situations can fast reading be useful in your opinion?

  2. Would you like to improve your reading speed? Why?

  3. Can all books be read quickly? Why (not)?

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