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  1. Приложение 1




  5. Text 1

  6. Какое влияние оказывает Интернет на бизнес и глобальную экономику? Приведите примеры последних лет.

  7. А. Прочитайте текст и найдите слова, означающие:

  8. work (to be in action), large (substantial), terrible (horrible) experience, deal with, payment for professional service, follow, business deal, trade, in the end, keep a secret, re­duce drastically, reduction, very great, offer a price at an auction sale.

  9. Car Giants' Single Online Supply Store

  10. General Motors, Ford Motors and Daimler Chrysler compa­nies have announced plans to open the online auto marketplace, potentially making it the largest Internet business yet created. It will allow suppliers and buyers to automate routine transactions and streamline1 the bidding process for everything from car win­dows and fuel-injection parts to paper clips and paint through elec­tronic sales, auctions and «reverse auctions» in which buyers state their needs and receive bids from sellers.

  11. Consumers are not likely to see massive price cuts because of the new system. But it should help automakers keep a lid on retail prices as new features are introduced, such as electronic steering, computerized transmission systems and weight-sensitive air bags. It will also make it possible for customers to order more personalized vehicles and to take delivery of them faster.

  12. General Motors, Ford and Daimler Chrysler will have an equal share of the new company, which is expected to be running by the end of June. They will also open their virtual marketplace to other automakers and could eventually expand the service into other in­dustries, such as aerospace, construction and office supplies.

  13. The joint marketplace is the most powerful sign of the migra­tion of commerce from the old world of salesmen and brick stores to the new virtual world of electronic commerce (e-commerce). It is going to change the way businesses interact with each other by taking out the huge inefficiencies that have been built around the old methods of using the phone and mail.

  14. By using the speed of Internet communications and the power of large computerized databases to handle global sales and purchasing,

  15. 383

  16. the companies hope to control costs, slash production inefficiencies and reduce the logistical nightmare of tracking millions of parts.

  17. «The Internet is transforming every piece of our company and our industry», Ford president said in a statement.

  18. In one of the first purchases made by Ford on its own online mar­ketplace the company was reported to save more than $10 million.

  19. There will ultimately be more than 100,000 supply companies on the system. The company could become a profit maker since it will collect a fee or commission for every transaction that takes place over the network.

  20. Note to the Text 1. to make more efficient by simplifying

  21. B. Найдите в тексте антонимы слов:

  22. buy, buyer, sale, wholesale price, waste (use more than needed), destroy, increase, loss, small.

  23. C. Составьте возможные словосочетания прилагательных из колонки А и существительных из колонки В:

  24. А В

  1. electronic a. share

  2. routine b. sales, commerce

  3. retail с price cuts

  4. equal d. transactions

  5. global e. prices

  6. massive f. marketplace

  7. virtual/joint g. sales and purchasing

  1. D. Заполните пропуски, образуя составные слова, общеизвестные словосочетания или термины. Запомните их.

  2. auto ... online ... profit ...

  3. ... clips ... injection ....-sensitive ... bag

  4. Упражнение 1. Прочитайте определения наиболее распространенных терминов по маркетингу. Дайте русские эквиваленты выделенных слов. Пе­реведите предложения.

  1. Market is the total demand for goods.

  2. Market economy is one in which prices and quantities are determined by supply and demand.

  3. Marketing is a theory and practice of large scale selling.

  1. 384

  2. 4. The marketing «mix» often referred to as the four Ps includes choosing the right product a company produces; selling it at the right price; using the right kind of promotion, i.e., the ways to make the product popular and well-known by advertising; making it available in the right place, where you sell the product and how it reaches the consumer, which is also known as distribution.

  1. People who buy and use products are called consumers.

  2. People who buy the products of a particular company are that company's customers or clients.

  3. One of the equal parts into which capital of a company is di­vided is called a share.

  4. Market share is the % of a market that a company has, e.g., 25 % market share.

  1. 9. Market leader is the company or product with the largest market share.

  1. Market research provides information about what people want, need and buy.

  2. Profit is money made or gained in business.

  3. You call the amount you have sold sales figures.

  4. Sales target means the amount you would like to sell in the future.

  5. The amount you hope to sell next two years is sales forecast.

  6. Sales representative (usually sales rep) is a person who sells a company's products.

  7. The person who runs the sales or marketing department is called sales or marketing manager.

  8. To launch a new product is to introduce a new car onto the market.

  9. The main competitor is the most important company in the same market.

  10. The idea that people have of the company is the image of the company.

  1. Увражвенме 2. Подберите к словам в колонке А слова-партнеры из ко-лонки В.

  2. А В

  1. buy a. seller

  2. buyer b. wholesale

  3. buying с. increase

  4. sale d. sell

  5. retail e. demand

  6. export f. loss

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