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The present perfect не употребляется:

1. В вопросах, начинающихся с вопросительных слов When и How.

When did you meet?

How did it happen?

2. С глаголами to hear, to understand, to forget и др., при передаче ситуаций, в которых соответствующие русские глаголы должны быть употреблены в прошедшем времени. В этих случаях чаще всего употребляется the Past Simple (реже the Present Simple):

I didn’t hear your question. I forget where he lives.

What did you say? I hear that Mike is in Kiev.

Did you sleep well? Now I understand.

Where did you buy this book?

3. Если в предложении или вопросе есть указание на точное время совершения действия, которое может быть выражено наречием, временным словосочетанием или придаточным предложением времени. В этом случае используется только the Past Simple!

We were friends when we were in school.

John visited us in 2004.

Did you read anything interesting last summer?


Exercise 50. Translate into Russian explaining the usage of the Present Perfect.

1. He has passed the interview and he's happy. 2. Have you ever tasted African food? 3. We have known each other since 1990. 4. I've been here for an hour already. 5. The manager hasn't come yet. 6. They have known it all the time. 7. Thank you for everything what you've done for me. 8. I've studied the last few e-mails from Paris and I've come to a decision. 9. Have I told you lately that I love you? 10. Did you forget? I've just told you about it. 11. He has no wife as he has never met the right person, but he hasn't given up hope. 12. Since I've known you, you've always been a workaholic. 13. I hope we haven't made a mistake. 14. The weather has been terrible lately. 15. We've been in class since 10 o'clock this morning. 16. Jackie has been out of town for two days. 17. I've been to Europe many times. Have you? 18. – What's the time? – Sorry, I have left my watch at home. 19. I can't get into the room. I have lost the key. 20. It is absolutely dark in the room. Who has turned off the light? 21. – I don't see my dictionary on the table. Who has taken it? – It's me. I have put it on the shelf. 22. – Where are the students? – They have just left for the library. 23. My sister has always helped me with my English. 24. You have never heard about it, have you? 25. We haven't yet read about it in the newspaper. 26. He hasn't written to her yet. 27. I haven't spoken to him yet. 28. – Has everybody come? – Yes, all are present. We can begin this meeting. 29. Have you ever seen this film? 30. I have often been to the Museum of Art. Have you? 31. We have not seen him since we finished school.

Exercise 51. Use the correct form of the verb in the brackets.

1. Bob and Jane are old friends. They …… (know) each other for a long time. 2. I don't like this weather. It …… (be) cold and cloudy for the last three days. 3. Paul …… (learn) a lot of English since he came here. 4. Victoria can go to bed now, she …… (finish) her homework. 5. My brother is at home in bed. He …… (be) sick for a week. 6. I …… (not write) to my sister in a long time. 7. We never …… (meet) Betty's parents. 8. He never …… (visit) Hong Kong, but he'd like to go there someday. 9. She already …… (call) them and …… (invite) them to dinner. 10. Where you …… (be) all this time? I am waiting for you. 11. I am afraid the boss is out. He …… (go) to the bank. 12. You ever …… (eat) any seafood? 13. My parents …… (be married) for twenty years. 14. I …… (tell) you this so many times before! Is it so difficult to understand it? 15. I am so happy that my wedding …… (come). 16. My little cousin already …… (learn) to read. 17. What a strange expression! I …… (not hear) it for years. 18. Put on your red dress. You …… (not wear) it for so long! 19. Jack and Amalia are the only people I ever …… (love). 20. We …… (not hear) from them lately. No news …… (come) so far.

Exercise 52. Use a perfect form choosing a suitable verb from the list: