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I am to do smth;

You, we, they are to do smth;

He, she, it is to do smth.

I am to help my mum about the house.

They are to repair this road.

She is to be here at seven sharp.

The prime minister is to visit France


1. Данная модель часто используется в прессе, на радио и телевидении при рассказе о будущих официальных событиях (встречах на высшем уровне, различных переговорах, конференциях, визитах официальных лиц и т.д.)

NATO representatives are to meet in Geneva in September.

The President is to visit Spain next week.

The conference is to take place in the main building of the university.

2. Для передачи приказаний, инструкций, назначений, то есть действий, которые были запланированы заранее и должны быть выполнены.

You are to take three tablets twice a day.

I’ve had a letter from home. I am to go back at once.

Who is to do the talking today?

The train is to arrive on time.

The medicine is to be taken after meals.

3. Данная модель может выражать запрещение совершить действие и в этом случае переводится на русский язык нельзя, не смей, не должен, не следует”.

You are not to tell him anything about our plans.

He is not to treat his kids like that!

You are not to talk to your father like this!

You are not to leave school without my permission.

Exercise 250. Write these newspaper headlines as full sentences using the Present Continuous or to be to. Don’t forget to use articles!

1. Gas prices going up in November. 2. New London conference centre to open soon. 3. World leaders to meet next month. 4. Dock strike starting tomorrow. 5. Prime Minister to visit Greece in August. 6. Queen leaving for Australia tomorrow. 7. Chinese tourists arriving in Britain next Saturday. 8. Shoe factory to close. 9. European games to take place next year. 10. Three new players joining Liverpool.

5. To be about to do smth

Данная конструкция служит для передачи действий в самом ближайшем будущем и на русский язык переводится “что-то вот-вот произойдет, еще секунда и что-то случится”.


Для образования этой грамматической формы используется вспомогательный глагол to be в форме настоящего времени (am, is, are), предлог about и полный инфинитив смыслового глагола (т.е. с частицей to)

I am about to do smth;

You, we, they are about to do smth;

He, she, it is about to do smth.


Данная модель используется для передачи действия, которое произойдет в ближайшем будущем, буквально через мгновение, однако при наличии явных признаков того, что это событие произойдет.

Look! The race is just about to start.

Be careful! This tree is about to fall down!

Will you make some tea? The kettle is about to boil.

He is about to jump in the pool himself.

You’ll have to hurry. The train is just about to leave.

I can’t talk now. I am about to go out

Exercise 251. For each situation, say what is about to happen. Use these verbs:

to boil, to explode, to fall, to retire, to ring, to start, to overtake

1. A small fire has started in a corner of the factory. One of the workers has run to the alarm bell. His finger is on the button. What is about to happen?

2. A lorry has been behind a tractor which is going very slowly. At last there is some straight, open road in front and there is no traffic coming in the opposite direction. What is about to happen?

3. A cook is heating some water in the saucepan. The water is getting hotter and hotter. Its temperature is 95 C°. What is about to happen?

4. A number of runners are going to take part in a race. They are all standing ready. The starter is holding a pistol. What is about to happen?

5. Two men are cutting down a tree. They have almost cut through it now. What is about to happen?

6. The manager of the Royal Hotel is quite old now. This is his last week in the job. What is about to happen?

7. There’s a bomb on the bottom floor of an empty building. A clock is ticking. There are only a few seconds left before zero. What is about to happen?

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