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An offer. Discussing Tests and Packing

to do one’s best

Ex. 5. a) Read the ежатр!е.

We do our best to advertise our goods In foreign Journals as often as possible.

b)Answer the questions in the same way.

1.Do the Sellers try to introduce goods into new markets?

2.Do business companies try to establish new contacts?

3.Do American companies try to increase sales to Europe?

4.Do plants produce new models of equipment and modify old models?

5.Do companies try to display their products at fairs and exhibitions?

6.Do the Buyers try to get big discounts from the Sellers?

7.Do the Buyers try to make contracts on favourable terms?

8.Do the Buyers always try to have a long guarantee period for tech­ nical goods?

to pay attention to (smth / smb)

Ex» 6. Answer the questions.

What do you pay at­ tention to when:

you choose a place to go to for a summer / a winter holiday?

you choose a performance to see?

you make a tour of a foreign city / a pro­ duction plant?

you choose a TV programme to watch?

you look through the advertising materials of the products your company is interested in?

you study offers of foreign companies?

you buy pieces of furniture (electronic products) for your flat?

Ex. 7. Translate into English.

1.Мы рады представить Вам наше предложение на новую модель компьютера.

2.Наше предложение будет действительно в течение 60 дней от даты данного письма.


Lesson 7

3.В соответствии с Вашим запросом мы прилагаем к письму ка­ талог, в котором содержится дополнительная информация о нашем оборудовании.

4.Платеж должен быть произведен в течение 10 дней после по­ лучения следующих отгрузочных документов: счета-фактуры, коносамента и упаковочного листа.

5.Продавец сообщил, что у них имеется небольшой резерв запас­ ных частей, и поэтому они рекомендуют нам без промедления разместить у них заказ.

6.Не будете ли Вы любезны сообщить нам удобную для Вас дату встречи?

** *

Уважаемые господа!

В дополнение к нашему телефонному разговору имеем удо­ вольствие сообщить Вам, что испытания оборудования будут про­ водиться 25 мая 200... на нашем заводе. Если вы хотите, чтобы Ваши приемщики присутствовали на испытаниях, немедленно дайте нам знать об этом, и мы сделаем все необходимые приготовления.

Если они не смогут приехать, мы проведем испытания без них и вышлем Вам акт заводского испытания.

Мы надеемся получить разрешение на отгрузку без задержки. В противном случае мы не можем гарантировать своевременную дос­ тавку оборудования в порт.

С нетерпением ждем вашего ответа.

От имени фирмы «Блейк энд К0» Г. Т. Хенн

коммерческий директор




Ex. 8. a) Complete and translate.

to meet v + ing = a meeting n

1. to m ark-»...

2. to paint-»...


An offer. Discussing Tests and Packing

3.to advertise -> ...

4.to wrap -> ...

5.to p ack -> ...

6.to mean -» ...

b)Complete the sentences.

1.The exhibition of furniture is to open next Tuesday. Will the Presi­ dent come to the ... of the exhibition?

2.A lot of British firms advertise their goods on TV. Broadcasting companies get money from ...

3.— What does the word “double-decker” mean?

I don’t know the ... of this word.

4.— Where is the President going to meet Mr Brown?

I think the ... will take place in the conference room.

5.The Sellers wrap up parts of machines in polythene and pack them in special boxes. This kind o f ... ensures safe delivery.


Еж. 9* a) Supply articles or possessive pronouns where necessary.

1.What’s ... time?

2.It took me much time to look through ... documents.

3.... inspectors arrived a t ... plant o n ... time.

4.I always find it difficult to do my work if I try to listen to music at

... same time.

5.I don’t have ... time to go to ... cinema tonight.

6. ... packing and... attractive wrapping are very important for sales.

7. ... packing of the machines was very good and it ensured their safe delivery.

8. ... payment was made 10 days after... Bill of Lading was received. 9. ... Bill of Lading generally includes information about the goods

which are to be shipped.

** *

Sanders Motors Ltd

10th June 200...

As we have previously informed you ... motors which have been sub­ mitted for ... test have shown ... excellent working characteristics. We would like you to send us ... quotation for two more types of motors in accordance with ... drawings Nos 405 and 510.

We would like to receive ... offer for ... supply of 750 motors of each type during... period of two years.


Lesson 7

... prices should be quoted FOB English port or airport.

We know that you are going to arrange ... visit o f ... businessmen to Lon­ don in August. If possible we would like to receive ... quotation before ...

visit of... businessmen, so that it can be discussed with you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully, on behalf of Rossimport

F. T. Sokolov

b)Speak about:

1.the goods the company is interested in;

2.the delivery terms the company would like to be quoted;

3.the future visit of the Russian businessmen to London.

c)Summarize the letter.


Ex. 10. a) Supply the correct forms of the verbs.




Dear Sirs,

You kindly (to advise) us that you (to have) to buy machines of another company. We (to be sorry) that your order (to place) with our competi­ tors because our delivery time (to be) not suitable to you and you (to find) our prices too high.

We would like to explain to you that we (to be) heavy with orders now and as a result the deliveries (to extend). Besides, some modifications (to make) in the machines to achieve higher capacities. That is why our prices (to be) higher than our competitors’ prices.

Nevertheless, we (to feel) that if you (to take into consideration) the high quality of our machines you (to agree) that they (to price) reasonably. We hope that you (to be able) to place your future orders with us.

Yours faithfully,

C. De

Sales Manager

b) Summarize the letter.


An offer. Discussing Tests and Packing


Ex. XX. Supply prepositions.

1.Payment was to be made ... cash ... 30 days ... receipt... all shipping documents.

2.Much attention must be paid ... seaproof packing, especially when

goods are shipped ... African countries.

3. ... export packing machines are often wrapped up ... polythene and then p u t... special crates.

4.The customers sent an enquiry ... women’s shoes ... autumn wear, but were informed that the company could not supply them ... the

shoes as they w ere

stock ... that moment.

5.Two inspectors arrived ... London to be present ... the tests ... the new m odel... compressors.

6. The Seller’s offer was valid ... a period ... 90 days ... the date

... their quotation.

7.The British company promises to submit... Rossimport any samples of cameras they will require.

8. ... the past this company supplied us ... their chemicals. Now they want us to advise them ... our current requirements.

9. ... accordance ... Mr Ranson’s letter his company is going to in­ crease their prices ... 6% ... May.


Ex. 12. Choose and use.

first, at first

1.The goods were ... wrapped up very carefully and then put into crates.

2. ... the Seller quoted CIF prices, but later changed them to FOB prices.

3. ... Mr Brown said that a Notification of Readiness would be sent 10 days before the date of the test, but then he agreed to send it earlier.

4. ... the catalogues for chemical equipment were submitted to the Buyers, and later some documents where spare parts were illus­ trated and described were sent to them.


Lesson 7

5. If the company wants to attract new customers they m ust... adver­ tise their goods widely.

6. ... the Seller offered a 10 months* guarantee period, but during the talks they agreed to extend it to 12 months.

7. ... the defects were corrected and then a repeat test was carried out.

8. ... the British businessmen made a tour of the Kremlin and then went to the Tretjakov Picture Gallery.



Ex, 13. a) Read the dialogue.

The Russian businessmen saw the tools of the British company at the Industrial Exhibition in London.

They were impressed by the fact that the quality of the tools was very high, they had many applications and their finish was extremely good. The businessmen decided to buy them.

Some time later the British company sent an offer to the Russian company. After Mr Korolyov had studied the offer he phoned Mr Stanley to clarify some details.


Good morning. This is Korolyov of Rossimport. I’d like to


speak to Mr Stanley.

Mr Korolyov, can you hold on for a moment?


Mr Stanley is speaking on another line.

It’s all right. I can wait.


Good morning, Mr Korolyov. Very glad to hear you. Is


there anything I can do for you?

We’ve just received an offer from your company, Mr Stanley.


We’d like to know what kind of packing you are going to



Usually our tools are wrapped up in polythene, put into


wooden crates and transported in containers. This kind of


packing ensures safe delivery of the goods. Our customers


find it quite satisfactory.

Thank you. I’ll contact you later. Good-bye.

b)Speak about*

1.the tools the British company displayed at the exhibition;

2.the kind of packing the British company uses for the tools.



An offer. Discussing Tests and Packing

Ex. 14. a) Read the letter.



2nd December, 200...





Dear Sirs,


We are pleased to advise you that we have in stock the acrylic sheets (акрил в листах) you are interested in. We can quote for about 500 acrylic sheets which will be wrapped up in special paper in accordance with your requirements. The price is £... per square meter FOB UK port.

The goods can be offered for prompt delivery.

Payment is to be made by a L/C which is to be opened within two weeks of receipt of Bill of Lading, Invoice and Packing List*.

You will realize that we quote a lower price than our competitors. Therefore our offer gives you an extremely favourable opportunity to obtain supplies of high quality at a very attractive price.

If you are interested in purchasing our goods we shall need your order immediately as it is expected these supplies will not be available on the market at the above price for very long.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,


b)Speak about:

1.the terms of payment and delivery on which the company offered to deliver their goods;

2.the price which the company quoted for the acrylic sheets;

3.the kind of packing the company offered to use.

c)Think and answer.

1.Can the terms of the company be considered favourable or not? Why?

2.Why did the Seller believe that the Rossimport people knew the prices of other companies for similar goods?

3.Why did the company expect the price for the acrylic sheets to be revised soon?

*В деловых письмах названия документов часто употребляются без ар­ тиклей.


Lesson 7

Ex. IS*a) Read the letter.


Dear Sirs,

Further to your telephone enquiry for pumps we are pleased to submit our quotation for the above units.

We are also enclosing leaflets which give the full details of the per­ formance of the pumps. The pumps will of course be tested at our plant and a Notification of Readiness will be sent in due time.


The price is £ ... per unit which includes packing. The prices


will be valid within 60 days from the date of this letter. We


have the right to quote for an order which is received after the


60 days’ period at the prices which are valid then.

Payment: Payment is to be made by a Letter of Credit against ship­ ping documents.

Packing: The goods will be packed in accordance with our standard export packing methods.

Delivery: The pumps we are offering you will be ready for shipment not later than 20 days of receipt of your order. We shall do our best to ship them in accordance with our programme.

We look forward to receiving your further instructions in the near future. Yours faithfully, on behalf of Green&Co.

G. Export Sales Manager

b)Summarize the letter.

c)Think and answer.

1.Were the Buyers going to place the first order with the company or had they placed orders with them previously? Why do you think so?

2.Why will it be necessary to make tests of the pumps at the Seller’s plant?

3.Why did the company have the right to revise the prices for orders which would be received after a 60 days’ period?

Ex. 16. Give extensive answers.

1.What information is included in specifications? In what cases do the Sellers enclose specifications with offers?


An offer. Discussing Tests and Packing

2.What kind of document is a Bill of Lading? Why is it very important?

3.What does the validity period of an offer mean?

4.When is it necessary for the Buyer’s inspectors to be present at the tests at the Seller’s plant?

5.When can tests be carried out without the Buyer’s inspectors?

6.What kind of document is a Notification of Readiness for Tests? Why is it to be sent to the Buyer in advance?

7.What kind of document is a Test Report?

8.What kind of document is a Release Note for Shipment? Why are the Sellers interested in getting a Release Note for Shipment with­ out delay?

9.Why do the Sellers always have to pay special attention to packing?

Ex. 17* Give your view points.

1.Packing of goods is very important for successful trade.

2.In most cases the Sellers have to carry out repeat tests.

Ex. 18. Speak on the topics.

1.The offer you received last.

2.Discussing the matters of test and packing during the talks.

Ex. 19. Act out dialogues on the situations!

1.Brown&Co. made you an offer for their chemical equipment. You are having talks with the Sales Manager of the company Mr Evans in London. Discuss with him the delivery dates and the method of packing.

2.You are in London to have talks with Mr Blake. Discuss with him the prices for their machines and the terms of payment. Make ar­ rangements for the supply of spare parts.

3.You have received an offer for press machines from Watson&Co. Ltd. Meet Mr Bremvil, a representative of the company, and discuss all the particulars concerning the tests of the machines which are to be carried out at a plant near London.

Ex. 20. a) Read the text.

Miele is a German company who is a leader in high-quality goods. They sell a wide range of domestic appliances from dishwashers and wash­ ing machines to vacuum cleaners and coffee machines.


Lesson 7

The company is famous for its high manufacturing standards. Al­ most all components for the appliances are produced in the company’s own plant. For example, they make 4 million electric motors a year (enough for all their products) in their plant near Cologne [kou'loun]. Great attention is paid to the tests of appliances. For the test of ovens special machines are used that open and shut the doors of ovens 60 000 times to imitate the use they will have in their owners’ kitchens.

Even though Miele’s manufacturing costs are higher than those of their competitors, the company believes they are justified because they produce appliances that — despite their high prices — people want to buy. The company says that most Miele’s appliances will work for 20 years which is much longer than the competitors’ goods. This is ex­ plained by the high reliability of individual parts.

Once the owner of the company Mr Miele had a letter from an old lady who said that she didn’t have much money but was ready to pay 50% more for a Miele washing machine because she knew it would last till the end of her life.

The company has built up a wonderful image among their buyers who know that the brand stands for the highest quality.

(from “the New Market Leader”)

b)Answer the questions.

1.What is Miele famous for?

2.How does the company achieve the highest standards of produc­ tion?

3.Why are the prices for Miele’s products higher than the prices of their competitors?

4.Why are a lot of buyers loyal to the domestic appliances which Miele produces?

Ex. 2t. a) Read the story.


Frank Cowperwood made his first business transaction when he was 13 years old.

He was walking along Front Street one day when he saw that there was an auction and he heard an auctioneer saying: “What price am I of­ fered for this lot of Java coffee?” The people offered their prices and the coffee was quickly sold.

* an auction ['э:кГэп] — аукцион