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IV. Study the meanings of the following words and look up other members of their word-building clusters:

passionately (125) ________________________________________________

irresistible (126) __________________________________________________

compassion (126) ________________________________________________

buoyant (128) ___________________________________________________

to grudge (129) __________________________________________________

to obsess (133) ___________________________________________________

indiscriminately (135) _____________________________________________

dexterity (141) ___________________________________________________

demeanour (143) _________________________________________________

chivalrous (144) __________________________________________________

V. Prepare a good reading and translation of the passage on:

pp.132-133 “From the time that he first … … he had no inclination.”

pp. 129-140 “Julia giggled. … …and the woman she was playing at night, and that was the substance.”

p.143-144 “The following day… … he might display to a maiden aunt.”

VI. Answer the following questions, paying attention to the details. In your answer use the words and word combinations from the Active Vocabulary.

1. Why had Julia thought that she could never be in love again before she met Tom?

2. What did Julia think of Tom Fennel’s attitude to her?

3. What was Roger like? Describe his appearance and manners.

4. Why was Julia disappointed in Roger? What worried her?

5. Why did people like Tom Fennel?

6. What did Julia expect from Tom in Taplow? Why was she disappointed?

7. Why was Julia satisfied with Michael although she did not love him?

8. What struck Julia in Tom and Roger’s friendship and behaviour?

9. What did the young people do to have fun in Taplow?

10. How did Julia entertain her guests at her house in Taplow?

11. What helped Julia to regain possession of herself?

12. What was Julia’s plan to get even with Tom?

VII. Speak on the following:

  1. Julia’s attitude and tactics towards Tom.

  2. Tom’s money trouble and Julia’s assistance to him.

  3. Julia’s efforts to help Tom to organize his life.

  4. Julia’s established position as an actress.

  5. Julia’s method and capacity for insinuating into a part.

VIII. Comment on Julia’s words:

1. “People don’t want reasons to do what they’d like to, they want excuses”. (131)

2. “If I haven’t cooked Roger’s goose, I’ll eat my hat”. (149)

3. “A woman attracts men by her charm and holds them by their vices”. (144-145)

Lesson 7

Revision lesson. Chapters 1-14.

I. Revise the active vocabulary and the vocabulary of the exercises (lessons 1-6). Get ready for doing oral and written exercises and quizzes in class. Get ready to discuss the characters and the main events of chapters 1-14.

II. Rephrase the following word combinations using the Active Vocabulary.

1. to treat a person with excessive attention;___________________________

2. a person experienced and practical in human affairs; __________________

3. an afternoon performance in the theatre;____________________________

4. to begin to become evident or understood by a person;_________________

5. to treat a person as if he/she is the legal property of somebody and is bound to absolute obedience;_____________________________________________

6. of great value or worth;__________________________________________

7. personal vanity, pride;___________________________________________

8. living or occurring at the same time; ________________________________

9. be secretly or inwardly amused;____________________________________

10. to continue correspondence, friendship;_____________________________

11. extremely or disgustingly dirty; ___________________________________

12. without aim or purpose; _________________________________________

13. extremely modest, having highest standards of propriety; ______________

14. to extort money from a person in return for not disclosing discreditable information; _____________________________________________________

15. hold a person closely in the arms; _________________________________

16. to be rude or insolent, lacking proper respect; _______________________

17. if smth extremely bad happens; __________________________________

18. the act of applying a big sum of money; ____________________________

19. injuring the dignity of self-respect of a person; _______________________

20. to meet smb in person (in bodily form). ____________________________

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