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III. Find in the text the English equivalents of the following words:

удовлетворять желания (190) ______________________________________

облегчать, успокаивать (191) ______________________________________

оживление (192) _________________________________________________

быть до безумия напуганным (196) _________________________________

принять во внимание (201) ________________________________________

скромно отрекаться от ч-л (202) ___________________________________

скучный (203) ___________________________________________________

развеселить, порадовать (203) _____________________________________

хам (209) _______________________________________________________

закончить, завершить (210) _______________________________________

IV. Study the meanings of the following words and look up other members of their word-building clusters:

to perceive (192) _________________________________________________

inexplicable (194) ________________________________________________

tremendous (197) _________________________________________________

to linger (201) ___________________________________________________

distraction (201) __________________________________________________

sulky (203) ______________________________________________________

reflective (205) __________________________________________________

to irk (206) ______________________________________________________

volatile (210) ____________________________________________________

infatuation (213) _________________________________________________

V. Culture Studies. Explain the following names:

Boxing Day (190) Easter (192) the RADA (197)

VI. Prepare a good reading and translation of the passage on:

p.190 “Her pain absorbed her… …had been thrust upon her notice.”

p.194 ”Julia was none too pleased. … couldn’t live in those circles on that.”

VII. Agree or disagree to the following:

1. Roger told his mother everything which had happened to him and Julia appreciated her son.

2. Julia said that by love people mean “pain and unrest”.

3. Julia took a fancy to Avice Chrichton and decided to busy herself with the girl and buck her up.

VIII Answer the following questions, paying attention to the details. In your answer use the words and word combinations from the Active Vocabulary.

1. Why did Julia feel lonely and depressed when Roger left her?

2. Why did Julia agree to meet Tom?

3. What story did she invent to see what Tom would say?

4. Why did Julia continue to go to the night clubs with Tom despite the fact that people spoke things about her?

5. What did Roger ask his mother about in his letter?

6. What impression did the girl produce on Julia?

7. What was Julia thinking about when Tom had gone away?

8. What did Julia think of Avice?

9. What did Julia tell Tom about her feelings to him? Why was she miserably unhappy?

IX. Make up a retelling of chapter 21 on behalf of Julia. Make use of active word combinations.

X. Get ready for a quiz on the Active Vocabulary of Lessons 8-9.

Lesson 10

Chapters 22-23, pp. 213-237

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