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  1. He met her at the theatre and realized that it was love at first sight.

  2. The bride and (bride)groom enjoyed the wedding ceremony and the guests’ attention.

  3. First of all they decided to arrange the engagement and only then to announce it officially.

  4. The young couple realized that they were expecting a baby.

  5. They spent their honeymoon in Greece and decided to visit this country every year.

  6. She got married at the age of 21 and gave birth to her first child at the age of 26.

  7. They married for love and lived a long and happy life.

  8. He courted her for about two years and he proposed several times, but she was in love with another man.

  9. They keep a family album as one of the main family traditions.

  10. Child-rearing is quite a difficult job.

  11. The confirmed bachelor fell in love and soon got married though he had intended never to marry.

  12. In the summer they will celebrate their silver anniversary.

  13. He is the only one who supports the whole family.

  14. All newborn babies are so defenceless; they need love and care.

  15. People say that the daughter takes after her father.

Language Check Ages and Stages



0-1 approximately

a baby


a toddler


a child (this period is your childhood)


a teenager (14-early teens)


an adult


in your twenties (24-26-mid twenties)


in your thirties (38-late thirties)


people are middle-aged, in middle age

60 or 65

retirement (when people stop work, they are retired)


old age (you can also use elderly)

Note: The period between 14 and 17 approximately is called adolescence.

What stage of life are these people at?

  1. Paul isn’t 2 yet, so he is still a __________.

  2. Albert was a bus driver for 40 years, but stopped work 2 years ago, so he is now __________.

  3. Susan is 25, so she is in her __________.

  4. Caroline is 50 this year, so she is now in her __________.

  5. Ron is 35 and his wife is 32, so she is quite __________.

  6. Joan is 75 this year, so she is quite__________.

  7. John was born 6 weeks ago, so he is a __________.

  8. Leyla is 13 this year, so she will soon be a __________.

  9. David is 18 this year, so legally he becomes __________.

  10. 15 is often a difficult age for boys going through ________.

Memory Practice

Learn the dialogues by heart:

Dialogue № 1

- Hallo, Susie! I haven’t seen you for ages! How are you getting on?

- Just fine. I entered the university.

- Did you? And I entered into the wedded state. And now I bring up twins. They are playing over there.

- Dear me! They are as like as two peas/like two peas in a pod! How do you tell them apart?

- Oh, they are quite different in character, though they look so much alike. As a matter of fact, they take after their father.

- Your husband must be mad about them.

- Oh, yes. I’m afraid he’ll spoil them. He doesn’t refuse them anything.

- I see your marriage is happy.

- Oh, yes, it’s bliss.

- That’s great! Oh, by the way, what’s your married name?

- Robinson.

- My congratulations, Mrs. Robinson!

- Thank you. OK, see you round.

- Be good!

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