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4. Grammar exercises

4.1. Open the brackets. Put the right forms, active or passive, of the verbs.

1. Family ___________ (to be) a group of people who live together. 2. Mood and what ___________ (to call) happiness depend on family relations. 3. If one's mother is not the only child, her son or daughter also ___________ (to have) aunts or uncles. 4. When you ___________ (to marry), your husband (or wife's) family ___________ (to become) your in-laws. 5. Families may ___________ (to classify) into a number of different types. 6. A family that ___________ (to include) in one household near relatives ___________ (to call) an extended family.

4.2 Present Continuous or Present Simple?

1. Who ___________ (to sit) near you? 2. They ___________ (to like) to play tennis on Sundays. 3. My mother ___________ (to be) a good teacher. 4. Our family seldom___________ (to have) breakfast early. 5. He ___________ (to read) a book now. 6. Helen and I never ___________ (to read) books in the evening. 7. Who ___________ (to live) in your flat? 8. Our uncle and aunt ___________ (to go) to the stadium at the moment. 9. In the evening after supper we usually ___________ (to watch) TV. 10. My sister ___________ (to be) a good dancer. 11. I often ___________ (to visit) my granny. 12. He ___________ (to write) a letter now. 13. Nick never ___________ (to come) to the University early. 14. Mike and Susanne ___________ (to be) good friends. 15. You really ___________ (to recognize) him?

4.3 Put in the right article.

This is Mike and that is his wife Helen. They are going to ... market. Mike wants to buy … new hat. Helen wants to buy … blue coat. They have … car. … car is black. It is … good car. Mike likes to drive his car. It is his hobby. Helen likes to read … book before sleep. On Sundays they often play … tennis. Mike is … good player. They also have … dog. … dog is very small. They love … dog. They often take it with them when they go out.

4.4 Translate into English:

1). Ты играешь в футбол, не так ли? 2). Мои родители часто приезжают ко мне. 3). Кто говорит по-английски хорошо? 4). Кто сейчас говорит по телефону? 5). В данный момент мама моет пол, а я помогаю ей по дому. 6). Когда он приходит в университет обычно? 7). Мой брат никогда не моет посуду. 8). Все в нашей семье любят читать и смотреть телевизор. 9). Они всегда приходят вовремя. 10). У тебя хорошая семья, не так ли?

4.5. Choose the right variant a,b, c to fill the spaces in 1-10

1. … roof was painted green.

A) a B) the C) 0

2. Isn't it … nasty weather?

A) a B) the C) 0

3. It's not … Rome I knew in my childhood.

A) a B) the C)0

4. There is … good hospital in this region.

A) a B ) the C) 0

5. She went on a diet … lose weight.

A) in order to B) because C) so

6. My neighbour came home … a taxi that night.

A) on B) by C) in

7. How …

A) she studies hard B) hard she studies C) hardly she studies

8. Nobody called on me, …?

A) did anybody B) did he C) did they

9. I forgot to take the spaghetti out of the water and … went soft.

A) they B) all C) it

10. Could you please go and get … chair from next door?

A) another B) other C) an other

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