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3.6 Give English equivalents of the following verbs, all of which have one and the same prefix.

Жениться еще раз, переставить, переделать, переписать, пересказать, вновь собрать, вновь сыграть, реформировать, реконструировать

3.7 Fill in the correct family member.

1. My mother’s sister is my ___________ . 2. My daughter’s brother is my ___________ . 3. My father’s daughter is my ___________ . 4. My mum and dad are my ___________ . 5. My sister’s son is my ___________ . 5. My aunt’s son or daughter is my ___________ . 6. My father’s brother is my ___________ . 7. My mother’s father is my ___________ . 8. My daughter’s son is my ___________. 9. My brother’s daughter is my ___________ .

3.8 Write down the term for the opposite sex.

mum -

brother -

son -

uncle -

grandmother -

granddaughter -

nephew -

wife -

boyfriend -

cousin –

3.9 Write one word in each gap.

1. Your female child is your ___________.

2. A person who is your brother’s wife is your ___________ .

3. Nick’s sister has a son whose name is Mike, so he is Mike’s _____________ .

4. Your husband’s mother is your ___________ .

5. The persons who are your parents’ parents are your ___________ .

6. Your son is married, so his wife is your ___________ .

3.10 Say who are all these people to Fiona and speak about the whole family.

3.11 Define the type of the family.

  1. We are many. All the members of our family have close relations. We live together.

  2. They have the only child who is in the centre of their attention.

  1. We are many. We share our parents’ attention.

  2. We enjoy doing many things together with our grandparents who live with us.

  3. There are only two of us. We do everything together.

  4. When I have a problem I can always find a person to discuss it with.

  5. Sometimes I feel a lack of one parent badly.

  6. My father is my best friend. But I have no mother. She is dead. I have a stepmother.

  7. They are good parents but all their children are adoptive.

  8. They are unhappy because there are no children in their family.

3.12 Fill in the missing words and word combinations from the list below.

1. I ___________ with my parents and all of us ___________ of each other. 2. My ___________ are my best friends and we never ___________. 3. He is a bad father, he doesn’t feel ___________ for his family. 4. I have many uncles and aunts so I have many ___________ . 5. My mother is going to marry again, so I’ll have a ___________ . 6. I ___________ my room with my sister. 7. My grandfather’s ___________ is my grandmother. 8. They ___________ adoptive children but they love them very much. 9. My sister ___________ but I know that she doesn’t love her ___________ . 10. Small families, so-called ___________ are typical for most European societies. 11. If parents ___________ , children are left with a mother or a father only. 12. She is in a bad ___________ today. 13. Family relations ___________ on many things. 14. He does everything ___________ to be happy. 15. How many members does your family ___________ of?

______________________________ responsibility, stepfather, get on well, share, mood, take care, siblings, consist, are divorced, bring up, nuclear families, depend, husband, in order, relatives, wife, is married, quarrel

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