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4. Grammar exercises

4.1 Put in model verbs or their equivalents.

1. My uncle ________ swim very well.

2. I ________ do it right now.

3. ________ I call him later?

4. We ________ go with you, because you will need helpers.

5. Peter ________ do it very well, just ask him!

6. Why didn't you come? I told you, you ________.

7. Who ________ give me a piece of advice?

8. Her dad likes to repeat that when he was young he ________ run for ours without z stop.

9. Soon my friend ________ to start working.

4.2 Complete the dialogue with can or can’t

1: Mum, ____ I have my pocket money early this week?

2: No, you ____! I only gave it to you yesterday.

1: _____ you give me next week’s pocket money? I want to buy a present for Barbara’s birthday party.

2: You ____ go to Barbara’s birthday party.

1: Why ____ I go to the party? I went to Jenny’s party.

2: Laura! You know the answer to that. You ____ go to the party because you have exams the next day. You ___ go to parties after the exams, OK?

1: I ____ go if I want to.

2: No, Laura! You ___ .

1: I ___ do anything I want to. I’m not a child, Mum. I’m sixteen.

2: Yes. Only sixteen. That’s why you ___ go to a party the night before an exam.

4.3 Translate into English.

1. Я не должен идти туда.

2. Ее двоюродная сестра хорошо умеет играть на гитаре.

3. Можно я пойду домой?

4. Скоро ты сможешь декорировать свою новую комнату на свой вкус.

5. Ты никогда не умел танцевать.

6. Должен ли я позвонить ему прямо сейчас? – Нет, не нужно.

7. Кто это был? – Это мог быть любой из нас.

8. Кто может ответить на вопрос? – Можно мне?

9. Справа от кухни вы можете увидеть гостиную.

10. Моя сестра должна мыть пол в детской комнате.

11. Зачем ты привела эту грязную собаку домой? – Можно она поживет у нас?

12. Тихими зимними вечерами мы можем сидеть у камина на диване и дружески беседовать.

13. Они вынуждены уехать раньше.

14. Здесь запрещено курить.

4.4 Past Perfect or Past Simple? Put in a suitable verb, mind the form of the verbs!

1. Last year we ________ to England.

2. By that moment she realized that her puppy ________ back home.

3. Nick walked for a while and suddenly thought that he ________ his best friend yet.

4. _____ you ________ lunch?

5. I came home, had supper and then recollected that I ________ my umbrella in the taxi.

6. In the corner there ________ a table and three chairs.

4.5 Make up one sentence using Past Perfect.

Example: I wrote the test. Then I left the room.

I left the room after I had written the test.

  1. Mr Loveday went out of the room. Then they started discussing the news.

  2. Jenny finished her composition. Then she began to clean the floor.

  3. I selected a pair of fashionable gloves. Then I paid for them.

  4. Fred lost his mobile. And his mother gave him her own.

  5. He paid for the dinner. Then he left the restaurant.

  6. Kelly’s father got into a snowstorm. Then he caught a cold.

  7. Mrs Ray came to the café. And we started the party.

4.6 Future Simple or Future-in-the Past?

1. I ________ (to take) an umbrella if it rains. 2. Dear Sarah, I’m writing to tell you I ________ (to be) in Edinburgh next week. 3. She thought dad ________ (to be) happy if she gave him this book. 4. Do you think it ________ (to snow) tomorrow? 5. We’re lost. I ________ (to stop) and ask the way. 6. I hope my parents ________ (to give) me a puppy as a birthday present. 7. Soon we ________ (to leave) the city and ________ (to go) abroad.

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