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3.15 Make sentences with the words from the table. Say what you like or dislike doing when you have leisure time.








letters to friends

in the garden

to good music


in the sea

in the park

detective stories

is one of my

is not among my

is my favourite



weekend activity


way of spending my time

3.16 Match the words and phrases in column A with those in column B. Tick (٧) the phrases which apply to you.



1. I study a lot. I have no

2. Playing computer games is

3. I joined the club

  1. Dancing is

  2. I go in for sport

  3. I am crazy about

  4. I love theatre. I attend

  5. I am keen on

  6. I enjoy

  7. I love

a. to keep fit

b. a drama society

c. fun

d. doing crossword puzzles

e. leisure time

f. amusing

g. to meet interesting people

h. knitting

i. pop music

g. poetry and art

3.17 Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the list below. The difference between a pastime and a hobby

Both words are perhaps used to denote the same _________– something that you do for pleasure and _________ during _________ . However, you have more personal interest, almost an emotion, invested in a _________ . A _________ is something you do when you have nothing better to do at the moment. You may do _________ , read novels, _________ , or teach your younger brother how to dig in volleyball – they may not necessarily be _________, but they help you _________ on a dull afternoon.


pastime, spare time, pass the time, activity, hobby, hobbies, watch TV, crossword puzzles, relaxation

3.18 Complete each sentence in a logical way using the words from the Key Vocabulary.

  1. A hobby is _________.

  2. People can collect different things: _________.

  3. Hobbies popular among stronger sex are _________.

  4. Women prefer _________.

  5. Hobbies dealing with making things are: _________.

  6. Stays-at-home are fond of _________.

  7. Teenagers are keen on _________.

  8. I have little spare time but _________.

  9. The Internet is very popular nowadays because _________.

  10. Never run such hobbies as _________ because _________.

3.19 Answer the questions.

1. What do you usually do in your free time? 2. Do you often watch TV? 3. What is your favourite TV channel? 4. What is your favourite TV program? 5. Do you often read books? 6. What is your favourite literary genre? (tragedy, comedy, short stories, fantasy, mystery, crime fiction, detective stories, love stories, thrillers, psychological novels, historical novel, science fiction, sea stories, fairy tales, myths and legends) 7. Who is your favourite writer? 8. Do you often go to the cinema? 9. What is your favourite film genre? (action films, adventure films, comedies, crime (gangster) films, drama, historical films, horror films, musical films, science fiction, war films, westerns, love story) 10. Who is your favourite actor/actress? 11. Who is your favourite film director? 12. Do you do any sport regularly? 13. What is your favourite sport? (alpinism and mountain climbing, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, biathlon, billiards, boating, body building, bowling, camping and hiking, checkers, chess, cycling, darts, diving, fencing, figure skating, fitness, football, gymnastics, handball, ice hockey, oriental combat, racing, motorcycle racing, horse racing, paintball, power lifting, rowing, sailing, shooting, skateboarding, skiing, skydiving, sledding, snowboarding, speed skating, sport dance, table tennis, tennis, track and field athletics, underwater hunting, wrestling) 14. Have you ever tried any extreme sport? 15. Is there a lot of sport facilities in your neighbourhood ? 16. Do you like listening to music? 17. Do you often listen to music when you’re at home? 18. Do you often listen to music when you’re out? 19. What is your favourite kind of music? (classical / pop/ folk / dance music, hip hop, rock, jazz) 20. Who is your favourite singer? 21. What is your favourite music band? 22. Do you often go to concerts? 23. Do you like traveling? 24. Do you travel a lot? 25. Do you like playing computer games? 26. Have you ever heard of somebody having a very unusual hobby? What is the hobby? 27. Do your friends have similar hobbies to yours? 28. How much free time do you have for your hobbies each week? 29. Can you tell me the differences between hobby and pastime? 33. What do you like doing? 34. What sort of hobbies do you have? 35. What do you like doing in your spare time? 36. Have you got a hobby? If so, what is it? 37. Is it an expensive hobby in your country? 38. What do teenagers like doing in your country? 39. What hobbies are usually expensive in your country? 40. What do you like about your hobby? 41. How much time do you spend on your hobby? 42. Is your hobby a common hobby in your country? 43. Are there any new hobbies that you would like to take up? 44. Have you ever been abroad? 45. Are there any games / sports that you watch but don’t play / do? 46. What games / sports do you play / do? 47. What games / sports are you good at?

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