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7.15 Read and translate the text.

Children after School

What do American children do if they don't stay after school for extracurricular activities but come home to an empty house? It is actually not only an American problem, it is a universal problem because in the modern world in most families both parents work and the children are doomed to fend for themselves. On the bright side it is true that some children develop independence earlier, they learn some domestic chores doing part of the house work. But it is not always the rule. Some children turn to the street.

Children are an adventurous lot both intellectually and emotionally, so they may be en-tangled with criminal youngsters' gangs.

But if the child is too young and shy and wouldn’t leave home, what would he do? Probably, watch TV or play video games. These children are often in the grip of fear because though there is no immediate danger they are afraid of dark corners, intimidated by the house silence and often develop signs of nervousness which is difficult to treat. Psychologists hold that the sense of fear is innate in both younger and older children. Over time it can lay the foundation for a temperament where a person is insecure, and that can be balanced by aggressiveness.

So, in the long run, the child’s loneliness is really something that can affect a child’s future life. The fact that many children keep returning home from school day after day with the key on a chain round their neck requires thought. Children cannot be left alone to themselves, most psychologists insist. Parents and communities must step in to prevent dangerous consequences.


curriculum – course of study

prevent – keep from happening

doom – destine to a grim fate

consequence result; importance

independent – not dependent on or controlled by another person or thing

insecure – not safe

adventure – exciting or dangerous experience

fear – unpleasant sensation caused by danger or pain

immediate – with no delay; nearest

innate – inborn

7.16 Make up a list of dangerous consequences, using the information of the text and steps which help to prevent them.



7.17 Express agreement or disagreement with the following.

  1. The sense of fear is innate in both younger and older children.

  2. Children are an adventurous lot both intellectually and emotionally.

  3. If a person is insecure, that can be balanced by aggressiveness.

  4. Loneliness is really something that can affect a child’s future life.

8. Writing

8.1 В общем виде структура письма на английском языке может быть представлена следу­ющим образом:

1. Адрес отправителя (sender's address).

2. Дата (date).

3. Адрес получателя (inside address).

4. Обращение (salutation).

5. Зачин, или первая фраза (opening sentence).

6. Текст письма (body of the letter).

7. Заключительная фраза (closing sentence).

8. Заключительная формула вежливости (complimentary close).

9. Подпись отправителя (signature).

10. Постскриптум, т.е. приписка к оконченному письму (P.S. или Postscript).

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