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4. Grammar exercises

4.1 Choose the right variant.

1. At the moment he _______ a book.

1) is to read

2) are reading

3) am read

4) is reading

2. Yesterday from 5 till 8 we ______ for the test.

1) was preparing

2) were prepared

3) were preparing

4) was preparing

3. The whole morning tomorrow Helen ________ the piano.

1) shall be playing

2) will be played

3) will play

4) will be playing

4. When mother came home, I _________ a letter to my friend.

1) was to write

2) shall write

3) was writing

4) was written

5. When we met Nick in the cinema, he _________to a pretty girl.

1) were to talk

2) was talking

3) will talk

4) never talks

6. She ________her homework when you come.

1) will do

2) will be doing

3) was doing

4) will have to do

7. I wanted to invite her for dinner but she said she _______ for a telephone call.

1) will wait

2) will be waiting

3) was waiting

4) is waiting

4.2 Present, Past or Future Continuous?

1. Felix _________ (to play) golf now. 2. At the moment we _________ (to go) to the zoo. 3. She _________ (not to learn) a poem the whole evening yesterday. 4. Tomorrow in the morning our mother _________ (to prepare) a big dinner for our family and the guests. 5. Mr. Brown is busy right now. He _________ (to work). 6. My friends (to come) to see me. 7. Last Friday from 8 till 9.30 in the morning they _________ (to write) a test. 8. I _________ (to speak) to the secretary exactly at 7 p.m. tomorrow. 9. The world (to change) quickly. 10. Who _________ (to disturb) me?

4.3 Put 4 types of questions to the given sentence:

George and his family are going to Spain now.

4.4 Match two parts of the sentences correctly:

I were jumping in the rain.

My sister are discussing a problem.

That man am reading a magazine.

Many people is cooking breakfast.

Our teachers was standing near.

4.5 Translate into English:

Сейчас осень. Идёт дождь. Я сижу у окна и учу стихотворение. Вчера весь вечер я готовила уроки и много читала. Завтра с 8 до 12 утра мы будем слушать лекции и участвовать в семинарах по психологии, истории и другим предметам. Мой друг не учит стихотворение. Он спит. Завтра всё утро он будет готовить уроки. Он — студент математического факультета. Его занятия будут проходить с 1 до 6 вечера.

4.6 Present, Past or Future Continuous?

1. At the moment we _________ (to go) to the Academy. 2. My parents _________ (to come) to see me. 3. Next Monday from 9.30 till 11 a.m. they _________ (to write) a test. 4. The world _________ (to change) quickly. 5. Alex _________ (to play) ping-pong now. 6. The whole day our mother _________ (to prepare) a big dinner for our family. 7. Why she _________ (to cry)? 8. Mrs. Tompson _________ (not to drink) tea at the moment, she _________ (to watch) the news on TV. 9. Who _________ (to knock) at the door? 10. From evening till night yesterday I _________ (to clean) my room.

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