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4.7 Combine the separate words into sentences. Use Present Perfect.

1. He | travel | Australia ___________________________________________________

2. They | travel | England __________________________________________________

3. We | visit| museums ____________________________________________________

4. Helen | go | shopping _______________________________________________

5. Mother | cook | my favourite pie ____________________________________________

6. Some of them | discover | new places ________________________________________

7. The reason | find ________________________________________________________

4.8 Complete the sentences with Present Perfect.

1. I ________________football at home. (to watch)

2. She ______________ in St. Petersburgh. (to study)

3. We ______________the National Park. (to visit)

4. They _______________ in Singapore. (never, to live).

5. My friends _____________in a lot of hotels. (to stay)

6. I ________________ a lot. (to travel)

7. His family _______________ Indian food. (to try)

4.9 Choose the right variant among the given ones.

1. Right now I ___ a test in English.

  1. write b) was writing c) will be writing d) am writing

2. Some years ago Bob ___ very good at skiing.

  1. Is b) were c) was d) will be

3. Who ___ to the cinema with you last Sunday?

a) did go b) went c) goes d) will go

4. As a rule I get to the University ___ bus.

a) with b) by c) in d) on

5. This house is ___ than that one.

a) old b) older c) more old d) the oldest

6. This book is very popular. It ___ by many students in Russia.

a) has read b) is read c) reads d) don’t read

7. We go ___ London every summer.

a) to b) in c) into d) within

8. Do you have ___ English magazines? – Yes, I have ___ .

a) any, some b) any, no c) some, few d) any, little

9. When ___ you usually get up?

a) does b) had c) do d) were

10. When ___ he get up?

a) do b) is c) shall d) does

11. I didn’t eat much for lunch, only ___ sandwich.

a) a b) the c) 0

12. I went ___ the theatre last Sunday.

a) for b) to c) 0

13. I am going ___ .

a) to the home b) to home c) home

14. The film was ___ .

a) interesting b) interested c) interest

15. I am sorry, I can’t talk to you right now. I have ___ time.

a) little b) a little c) every

16. Who ___ in this house?

a) lives b) does live d) is live

17. I prefer ___ car.

a) a bigger b) a more bigger c) the most bigger

18. He ___ skate. His leg is broken.

a) doesn’t b) isn’t c) weren’t

19. We stayed at home because it ___ raining.

a) was b) is c) will be

20. (Все) knows him.

a) everything b) nobody c) everybody

21. Has he ___ friends? – Very ___ , as far as I know.

a) some, any b) any, few c) a few, nothing

22. You are from Barnaul, ___?

a) does he? b) aren’t you c) isn’t it

23. Who ___ to participate in different activities?

a) shall like b) does like c) likes

24. Yesterday from 4 till 7 they ___ for the test.

a) are preparing b) were preparing c) was preparing

25. When ___ you go home next week?

a) was b) shall c) will

26. It is such a good film. I thought it would be ___ .

a) better b) worse c) the worst

27. Bob often ___ Mary.

a) telephones b) was telephoning c) will never telephone

28. The dialogue ___ by heart.

a) to be learnt b) was learnt c) learns

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