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3.15 Use the required word in each gap.

1. A _________ helps us to move from one floor to another.

2. A _________ contains generally a bed, a desk and a chest of drawers and a wardrobe. We use it to sleep.

3. We usually watch television and entertain our guests inside a _________ .

4. We can take a bath and get washed in a _________ .

5. A _________ is a passage between the rooms of the house.

6. We use a _________ to serve and eat meals and it is sometimes connected with the kitchen.

7. The place ideal for keeping a car is a _________.

8. Dad uses his computer in a _________ .

9. The best place for a washing-machine is a _________.

10. You open the front-door and you are in the _________.

3.16 Complete the sentences using the words from the Key Vocabulary:

1. We have a large room with a high ceiling and a big window facing south, so the room is always filled with _________.

2. I like to drink coffee, so in the morning my room is filled with _________.

3. My brother is fond of listening to pop music, so his room is always filled with _________.

4. My mother is a good cook, so our kitchen is always filled with _________.

5. My sister likes to use perfumes. There are a lot of them on the dressing table in her room, so the room is always filled with _________.

6. Our kitchen is filled with _________ which help to make our life more comfortable.

7. If you don’t use refreshing means your toilet may be filled with unpleasant _________.

8. Our living room is filled with various pieces of _________.

3.17 Complete the sentences with the words and word combinations from the box:

dishwasher, carpet, mirror, cooker, full-length curtains, cosy, bookcase, door, armchairs, kitchen, flat, seat, bedside tables, garage, wallpaper, elegant, hall, hood

1.The House of My Dream

People always want to make their dwelling a place, where one feels comfortable and ________ .

A dwelling of my dream is not a _________ but a two-storeyed mansion. And as a real hostess I’d like to arrange everything in the house according to my taste. Now, let me show you around my house.

When you come to my place, you push a big wooden front _________, wipe your feet on the door-mat, and enter a spacious _________ with a wide staircase. The floor is covered with a fluffy _________, the _________ is light and has a small pattern. There’s a _________ and a small table near the wall and a huge _________ above it.

Then you enter the living-room. The bright _________ are drawn back, and sunshine fills the room. The living-room suite, consisting of a sideboard, filled with china and crystal, a _________, a sofa, an _________ coffee table and two _________, is arranged around the walls. There’s a video system near the window. But the heart of the living-room is the fire-place by which we can sit for some time listening to pleasant music or sipping coffee.

On the ground floor there’s also a kitchen and a bathroom. The _________ is a very large room with a big window. There is a gas _________ with a _________, a cupboard and a sink unit there. Near the opposite wall there is a _________, a refrigerator and a table.

Let’s go upstairs and have a look at the bedroom. The bedroom suite consists of a bed, two _________ and a wardrobe. The window overlooks the back yard.

In my house there is also a terrace, a _________, a garden and so many other things I’d like to have, at least, in my dream house.

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