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2.2 Find the term diy in the text, look through its definition and give the Russian definition of this term:

Do it yourself (or DIY) is a term used to describe building, modifying, or repairing of something without the aid of experts or professionals. It is also used to describe crafts such as knitting, sewing, handmade jewelry, ceramics, etc.

3. Vocabulary exercises

3.1 Translate the following international words without a dictionary:

To occupy, person, hobby, sports, active, aerobics, popular, information, program, pop music, rock music, classical music, opera, to relax, CD-player, teenager, idol, to attract, fan, fan group, enthusiasts, interest, to visit, museum, gallery, theater, crossword, genre, politics, technology, Internet, to communicate, computer, routine, sculpture, costume, to collect, period, to fix, object, sort, prize

3.2 Look through the text, pick out words with word-building affixes, define which parts of speech these words are and be ready to do word-building exercises below.

3.3 Find compounds in the text and translate them.

3.4 Find in the text the words with the suffixes –ture and –sure, define the part of speech they belong to and give your own examples of the words with these suffixes.

3.5 a) Translate the following groups of words formed with the help of conversion.

Free – to free, favourite – a favourite, program – to program, interest – to interest, need – to need, switch – to switch, group – to group, share – to share, paper – to paper, new – news, chat – to chat, air – to air, design – to design, sort – to sort, hope – to hope

b) Find the words formed with the help of conversion in the text.

3.6 Read and translate the following groups of derivatives. Mind the word-building suffixes.

Act – to act – actor – action – active – activity – activate – activation, to educate – educator – education – educational, to inform - informer – information – informational, to entertain – entertainment, to pursue – pursuit, possible – possibly – possibility, to relax – relaxation

3.7 Use the words given in capitals at the end of each sentence to form a word that fits in the gap in the same sentence.

1. I am very tired and need some time for _________. (RELAX)

2. Hobby is a wonderful _________ for leisure time. (OCCUPY)

3. Playing basketball is a highly enjoyable _________ for me. (ACTIVE)

4. Going to the cinema is the _________ which I prefer to anything else. (ENTERTAIN)

5. If you have a hobby your life becomes more _________. (INTEREST)

6. I am a theatre- _________. (GO) Theatre is my passion. I want to be an actress.

7. Some hobbies are rather _________. (EXPENSE)

3.8 Choose the verb which completes all the expressions in each box.

to get to have to keep to play to go to do

1. the shopping

crossword puzzles

the bed



2. house

the flat tidy


a secret

a word

3. in for sports


to the cinema


for a walk

4. the guitar

board games


computer games


5. an occupation

a good time

a rest


fun together

6. married



the first impression

along well with smb.

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