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1. Phonetic Drill. Transcribe and pronounce correctly:

Reliable, entertainment, majority, resort, pier, hitch-hiking, accommodation, spectacularly, to climb, chalet.

2. Find English equivalents in the text:

He стоит тратить деньги на отпуск в Британии; турагент организовывает перелет, размещение, питание и развлечения; карманные деньги; большинство людей; сидеть на переполненных пляжах; в Брайтоне есть знаменитый пирс; путешествие автостопом; под открытым небом; специальный персонал присматривает за детьми; удостоился звания рыцаря за заслуги перед страной.

3. Give synonyms to the following words:

Holiday, popular, small, amusement, chalet, to arrange.

Study the synonyms:

to travel — a) to go from place to place, e.g. to travel round the world; b) to pass, go or move through (a place or distance), e.g.: How fast does light travel? to travel light — to travel without much luggage.

travel n — the act of travelling, a general word for going from one place to another. The nouns travel and travels usually suggest travelling for long distances and long periods of time, e.g.: He came home after years of foreign travel.

Compare the synonyms:

journey n — the distance covered and the time spent in going from one place to another, e.g.: I go to work by train and the journey takes 50 minutes.

voyage n — is similar, but is used mainly of sea journeys (or sometimes journeys in space), e.g.: I've never made a sea-voyage.

flight n — a journey by plane, e.g.: Take some books to read on the flight.

cruise я — a sea-voyage for pleasure, e.g.: I'd love to go on a cruise.

trip я — a short journey from one place to another, e.g.: Did you enjoy your day trip to the country?

tour я — a) a journey during which several places are visited, e.g. a tour round Europe; b) a short trip to or through a place, e.g.: We went on a guided tour round the castle.

hitch-hiking n — travelling by getting free rides in passing automobiles and walking between rides, e.g.: Hitch-hiking is a new way of travelling which gives one a chance to see much without spending anything.

4. Fill in appropriate words (consult the list of synonyms)

1. I'd be delighted to go on a sea ..., but my wife has never been a good sailor, so we can't join you. 2. Last week we made a wonderful ... to mountains. It took us four hours by coach. 3. The Italian... was really exciting. We visited a number of won­derful towns and then returned to Rome. The ... back to Mos­cow by railway took us about three days. 4. It is delightful to come ashore after a long ... and to feel solid ground under one's foot. 5. Many times on his long ... in the depths of Africa, in the jungle of the Amazon he faced danger, starvation and death. 6. At the beginning of the last century going from Petersburg to Moscow was described as "...". Now it is but a night's... by night train, a six hours' ... by day train or an air ... of an hour and a half. 7. I'm just reading a very amusing book about a pleasure party making a Caribbean ... in somebody's yacht. 8. Young people are naturally fond of... as a way of visiting new places and seeing things: it is cheap and gives one a feeling of freedom and infinite horizons. 9. I'm told you're going on a... to the Far East. 10. They're planning a ... of some Baltic resorts. They've a new car, you know. 11. You're looking pale. A ... to the sea­side will do you good. 12. Have you ever taken a holiday ... along the Black Sea coast or down the Volga? 13. When travelling you have to give special thought, not only to your route, but to what you wear and eat during your ... . 14. What clothes would you suggest to a young (old) passenger on ...? 15. The National Theatre is on ... in the North. 16. It must be the bird's first... from the nest.

5. Match the words according to the text:

open contrast

fortune hostels

hitch air

a package teller

youth holiday

complete hiking

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