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Schoolboy politics Bush hits the wrong note at the un

As his 80 % job a _______ratings continue to show, George Bush knows how to talk to Americans. Two months after the t _________attacks, most Americans still want their president to tell them that they are the world's good guys, and Mr Bush is not the kind of man to want to d them on that, as last week's Atlanta s proved. But Mr Bush and his s are far less e talking to the rest of the world, as the president's weekend s to the UN General Assembly showed.

Mr Bush a the nations of the world as though they were a bunch of disobedient schoolkids. The time for a _______had arrived. Leaders around the world "must now carefully consider their r _____and their future". Every regime that s ___________terrorism would have to pay a price. There could be no exceptions to this comprehensive с . It was time for the United Nations to prove itself.

It doubtless went down well with the US television a . But Mr Bush said almost nothing about any of the other i _______that actively matter to the rest of the world. Nothing about p and d _____. Nothing about then weapons or the a trade. Nothing about g________w ______. There was a brief r _______in favour of combating Aids and not much more than a passing r______to the Middle East. Frankly, it was all a bit rich.

Mr Bush was right to call on all nations to s the US against the t _______threat. But to talk as though this is the unique i _________of importance in the world, or as though everyone needs to change except the United States, was both insulting and alarming. It is insulting because Mr Bush i a party and a n ________that until September 11 have been cavalier, to put it mildly, in its s for the UN, for m _______agreements and even, in some perspectives, for the fight against terrorism. It was alarming because, beneath its apparent multilateralist shell, Mr Bush's s

was still conspicuously unr to any agenda other than that of the US itself.

There have been suggestions that September 11 may d Bush to a more m­­­­ ­________path. The UN speech r _______big doubts about that. It was undoubtedly d from the one the president would have d ________if America had not been attacked. But it was not the speech of a 1 ____________who appears willing to e with the world, except when it a his own interests. Perhaps that was

why Mi Bush's s was heard, until the end, in silence.

Exercise З9

Translate the words in brackets into English.

A political show

There are few forms of entertainment more enjoyable than watching (как речистый политик баллотируется на пост). Most ['политики произносят заранее подготовленные речи^ ка­сающиеся основных вопросов) of the day. They can maintain а (пылкий поток риторики) for hours at a time. In each locality where he is to (обратиться с речью к аудитории), the advance work is prepared by a clique of (надежные помощники). In prep­aration for the (выступление), they have (распространить) leaf­lets, put up posters and send out cars and trucks with loudspeak­ers to (превозносить красноречивые качества своего кан­дидата). Soon the crowd gathers to (услышать, как выступа­ющий взлетает к высотам риторики). (Верные партийные функционеры) come forward to shake the hand of their mentor. Now with the (поспешные решения сложных проблем) ca­refully memorized, he is ready to (произнести воодушевляю­щую речь). One moment (шутливый), the next moment (про­никновенный), the candidate works to convince the incredu­lous among the voters.

Exercise 40

Translate into English.

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