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Unit 1. Medicine



1. Listen to two conversations and decide whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.

Conversation 1.

1. Joop’s girlfriend, Kattje, is still feeling dizzy.

2. A lot of people have had a virus recently.

3. Kattje has an appointment to see someone in a few days.

4. Michelle gives Joop some advice.

Conversation 2.

5. They don’t really know what caused Lachlan’s problem.

6. They had to call an ambulance.

7. He’ll be in hospital for two nights.

8. Nina is annoyed they’ll miss the concert.

2. Listen again and find English equivalents for the following words and word combinations:

Упасть в обморок, приступ головокружения, поправиться (о здоровье), микроб (вирус), сдавать анализы, задыхаться, сыпь, отекать, укол, «на всякий случай».



1. You will hear four people talking about their health problems. Listen and match the problems (A-E) to the speakers (1-4). There is one extra problem you do not need to use.

Speaker 1

A travel sickness

Speaker 2

B hay fever

Speaker 3

C overtired

Speaker 4

D flu

E sunburn

2. Speak on the diseases mentioned above – discuss what causes them, what their symptoms are and what treatment is suitable in each case.



1. You will hear five short dialogues about people’s health. Listen and circle the correct item: A, B or C.

1. What happened to the girl?

A. She crashed her bicycle.

B. She crashed her car.

C. She crashed her mother’s car.

2. What is wrong with the man?

A. He has got food poisoning.

B. He is allergic to seafood.

C. He ate too much.

3. What has the man been doing?

A. fighting

B. dressing his children

C. jogging

4. What is the doctor’s advice?

A. To exercise more.

B. To exercise less.

C. To do some weightlifting.

5. How did the woman hurt her hand?

A. She burnt it.

B. She trapped it in the kitchen door.

C. The man hurt it.

2. How far do you agree with the man in the third dialogue “You’d have much more energy if you took regular exercise”? making an appointment (00:59)

1. Listen to the dialogue and fill in the questions. Who is Tina speaking to?

A: Good afternoon. Meadows Surgery. 1) _____ ?

B: Oh, yes. I’d like to make an appointment with Doctor Michaels, please.

A: I’m afraid Doctor Michaels is on holiday at the moment. 2) _____ ?

B: Erm…yes, all right. That would be fine.

A: Right. The first available appointment is on Thursday at 10 o’clock. 3) _____ ?

B: Yes, that should be okay.

A: Good. 4) _____ ?

B: Tina, Tina Wilcox.

A: 5) _____ ?

B: I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately.

A: Right then, we’ll see you on Thursday at 10 o’clock.

B: Thank you. Good bye.

2. Use the prompts below to act out similar dialogues.



2:30 pm

9 o’clock

Carol Ormerod

Brian Powell

bad cough




1. How much do you know about natural health remedies: food, drink, natural treatments, herbal medicine? Match each remedy with its main health benefit.

2. Listen to the extracts to check whether you are right. Do you know any other natural health remedies and their benefits?



1. Listen to a doctor talking about the types of accidents his patients have. Note down any injuries (not conditions) he ascribes to the following groups.

ADULTS ________________________________________________________

OLD PEOPLE ____________________________________________________

CHILDREN ______________________________________________________

2. Listen again and complete the sentences below.

  1. ‘… and this is because muscles were __________ or __________and have become inflamed …’

  2. ‘… quite often. The victims are __________ women, but not __________.’

  3. ‘… I imagine they (old people) would be particularly _________ to accidents.’

  4. ‘… we do a lot of counseling, that’s to say __________ people’s fears about what they see as their deteriorating health.’

  5. ‘I can remember my eyes __________ terribly and a __________pain.’

  6. ‘It was __________ in so deeply that I couldn’t actually see the moth I thought his eardrum had __________.’

  7. ‘… we do get people who are repeatedly harming themselves, almost for the ___________ of it.’


(about 2 min 30)

1. You are going to hear someone giving advice on how to reduce stress. Listen and say where you might hear that conversation. How do the speakers sound? Why?

2. Listen again and decide whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.

1. The woman is suffering from stress.

2. She often goes out with her friends.

3. She thinks her work is causing her stress.

4. The man suggests that she find another job.

5. The woman can work fewer hours.

6. The man suggests she take some medicine.

3. The man used the expression “to beat the stress”. What does it mean? What other word combinations with the same meaning do you know? Use the dictionary, if necessary.

4. Role-play.

Your friend is feeling stressed out and wants to make some changes to his/her lifestyle.

  • suggest ways to change his/her lifestyle in order to help reduce stress

  • reject his/her reasons for not being able to follow your advice, and suggest alternatives

  • express your hope that everything will work out well



1. You will hear two people consulting a doctor. Mark the following statements as TRUE or FALSE.

1. The woman suffers from insomnia and nausea.

2. The patient is stressed.

3. The woman believes her eating habits are quite healthy.

4. The doctor recommends the woman to avoid drinking so much tea and prescribes her some sedatives.

5. The man’s foot is swollen.

6. The man kicked the wall with his foot.

7. The doctor says the foot should be X-rayed.

2. How did the patents sound in both situations? How did the doctor sound? Make up similar dialogues between a doctor and a patient.



1. Do you think there is an increase in allergies nowadays? What can allergies be caused by? What should be done to avoid developing an allergy?

2. Listen to a radio interviewer talking to Dr Michael Peterson about the rise in the number of people suffering from allergies and complete the information while listening.

An allergy is a ________ ________ to a substance.

That reaction can be ________, an _______, ____ ____, ________ ____, a ____ of some kind – like ______ – or _________ difficulties – like ______.

Bottlefed babies are more likely to _______ _________ than _________ babies.

When our children are ________ we smother everything in disinfectant and _______ all traces of _____. Germs are ____. Too much cleanliness is ___.

We aren’t allowing our children’s ______ _______ to develop?

We need to ______ our children to germs so that their _______ mechanisms have a chance to develop and ___ ________.

If they aren’t exposed there’s a ______ that they’ll develop allergies and ____ ____________ later on.

Allergy problems do run in the ______. Scientists have identified cases in families where there’s been some kind of _______ ________ which _______ the immune system in some way.

This might result in members of a family being more _____ __ allergies – but not necessarily the same allergies.

There has been such an _______ in allergies over the past ___ years or so.

Lifestyles in a nutshell: ______ _____ use, all technology really. ______ ______ are considerably higher than they used to be.

We’re exposed to more _________ and _____ substances: diesel fumes, pesticides.

One type of allergy that has risen considerably is ____ ___________. In some places an allergy to ____ is very common. This is probably because soya is present in so many ____ ________ these days and our bodies haven’t had time to ______ to this change. We don’t eat in the same way as we used to. _________ ____ is a thing of the past. Now everything is _________ all year round.

Reasons for an increase in allergies are too much _____________, an obsession with ___________, too few _____ and too many ____________ foods, too little fresh _____ and ___ and an abuse of out of season food all year round, too many ____________ and altogether far too much ______.

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