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Manager’s Working Day

Mr. Howard Turner is a manager of a big company. Today is Monday. This is a page from his diary for Tuesday. Ask and answer questions about what he is doing next day in pairs like in example:

eg. A: What is he doing at…?

B: He is going to... .




look through fresh newspapers


read fax and e-mail messages


write letters to business partners


meet John Marshall, financial director


see a new TV-commercial


have lunch with Mr. Snow


attend the meeting of shareholders


visit the Trade Fair


take part in the presentation of a new book

Activity 9.

Examine the working days of the architect and undergraduate student

His Monday (David Shaw, architect)

08.30 a.m. catch the train

09.30 a.m. arrive at the construction agency

10.00 a.m. meet a client (helping him to choose a final design)

12.00 a.m. have lunch with a contractor

03.00 p.m. making preliminary sketches

04.00 p.m. preparing working drawings

05.00 p.m. catch the train

06.30 p.m. have dinner

08.00 p.m. check his e-mails

08.30 p.m. call the client and the contractor

09.00 p.m. scheduling work for Tuesday

11.00 p.m. go to bed

Her Monday (Sue Shaw, undergraduate student)

09.00 a.m. come to University

10.00 a.m. meet the supervisor

10.30 a.m. go to the library to study building codes

12.00 a.m. work over the diploma project

01.00 p.m. have lunch

02.30 p.m. go to the training practice

04.00 p.m. prepare the calculations using modern CAD equipment

05.30 p.m. go home

07.30 p.m. have dinner

08.00 p.m. look through the magazine “Civil Engineer”

09.00 p.m. read Construction Law

10.00 p.m. go to bed

Step 2. Write questions and answers about David’s working day.

Example: What will he do at 8.30?

He will catch the train.

Step 3. Write questions and answer about Sue’s working day.

Example: When will she wash up?

She will wash up at nine o’clock.

Activity 10.

Step 1. Read and translate the following dialogue using the words and word combinations from activity 9.

Monday Morning

David: Hello! How are you?

Sue:Здравствуйте! У меня все хорошо. Спешу в университет.

David:I’m also in a hurry. I’m going to meet the client in an hour.

Sue:Вы заняты новым проектом?

David:Oh, yes. It is complicated but very interesting.

Sue:Тема моего диплома тоже очень интересная.

David: Glad to hear it. You can come to my agency for your training practice.

Sue: Спасибо. А какую работу я буду выполнять?

David:You will prepare the working drawings and be able to work closely with a client.

Sue: А каким объектом вы сейчас занимаетесь?

David: We are working on several projects now. One of them is a block of flats in the residential neighborhood.

Sue: Я буду занята в этом проекте?

David: I think so. We’ll discuss it later.

Sue:Это полезный опыт для будущего специалиста. Я поговорю со своим руководителем.

David:I think he will agree. You will study working drawings and Construction Law in practice.

Sue:Я знаю, что такая работа развивает практические навыки (skills) в различных областях строительства.

David: You are right. You will have experience in several areas of construction.

Sue:Я знаю. Я вам обязательно позвоню.

David: OK. I must be going. See you soon.

Sue: До встречи.