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Is it wrong to eat meat?

Dannii Minogue, the Australian singer and actress, is a vegan. She doesn't eat any meat, fish or dairy products. “When I was thirteen I began to find meat too fatty. I felt very sick when I ate it. So I stopped eating meat and became a vegetarian.” Four years later, Dannii stopped eating eggs, milk, and cheese because they were bad for her voice. She gave up fish too, and became a vegan. Then she started reading about factory farming - how we keep and kill animals. She was disgusted by what she read: “Factory farming is awful because the animals suffer so much.” She knew that her decision to become a vegan was right for the animals as well as for herself.

Brian Harvey, a singer with the group East 17, enjoys eating meat and junk food. “When I'm hungry I want a big burger, not a wet salad. I love my burgers and fried chicken takeaways. And Chinese food - if it has got meat in it. What is vegetarian food anyway? Tomatoes, crispy lettuce, green peppers, onions. No, thanks!” Brian likes animals but feels that it is natural for people to eat meat.

Step 2. Answer the questions to the text

  1. What is the difference between their eating habits?

  2. What can and cannot a vegetarian eat? ( as far as he says)

  3. What kind of food do you prefer?

  4. Are any of your friends or relatives vegetarians?

  5. Would you be able to become a vegetarian?

Activity 9.

Step.1. Read the dialogue.

Step.2. Imagine you are a waiter and your partner is a visitor to a restaurant.

Make up a dialogue on the basis of the information given in the menu.

Waiter:Can I have your order, please?

Paul: Yes, I’d like some chicken, please?

W: What kind of vegetables do you want?

P: I’d like beans, please.

W: Roast or boiled potatoes, or chips?

P: Boiled potatoes, please.

W: And to drink? Do you want anything to drink?

P: Yes, I’d like some red wine, please.

W: How much? A bottle?

P: Er… no, thanks. I׳d like a glass of red wine.

( Twenty minutes later.)

W: Finished?

P: Yes, thank you.

W: Do you want to order your dessert now?

P: Yes, I’d like fruit salad with cream, please.

W: Is that all?

P: The bill, please.

W: Yes, sir. It׳s coming.

  • English Breakfast £ 5.30

  • (NON RESIDENTS £ 7.80 )

Chilled Orange, Grapefruit,

or Tomato Juice

Fresh half Grapefruit, Assorted Cereals,

Porridge, Stewed Fruit

Eggs: Fried, Poached, Scrambled,

Boiled with Bacon, Sausage and Tomato

Grilled Kipper

Rolls, Croissants, Toast

Marmalade, Honey, Jam

Coffee, Tea, Chocolate

Continental Breakfast


  • (NON RESIDENTS £ 5.90 )

  • Chilled Orange, Grapefruit, or Tomato Juice

Rolls, Croissants, Toast

Marmalade, Honey, Jam

Coffee, Tea, Chocolate



1.10 My future profession

Activity 1. Match the following English words with their Russian/Ukrainian equivalents:

1) carpentera) строительная площадка \ будівельний майданчик

2) site b) плотник\тесляр

3) supervise c) граница, контур \ межа, контур

4) plumber d) канализация \ каналізація

5) boundary e) наблюдать \ наглядати

6) sketch f) водопроводчик / водопровідник

7) painter g) калька \ калька

8) tracing h) топограф, геодезист \ топограф

9) land surveyor i) эскиз, набросок \ ескіз

10) sewer j) підрядчик \ підрядник

11) installation k) грузоподъемник \ вантажопідіймач

12) contractor l) оценивать \ оцінювати

13) forklift m) установка, монтаж \

14) measure n) измерять \ міряти

Activity 2. Finish the following sentences with the names of jobs and professions given below:

Building contractor, landscape designer, plumber, construction machinery operator, architect, interior designer, land surveyor, engineer.

1)…………plans the arrangement and composition of landscape elements on a site.

2)………… plans and coordinates the construction of buildings.

3)………… are needed to run cranes, bulldozers, excavators, and forklifts.

4)………… locate property boundaries, measure distances, establish contours, and make drawings.

5)………… plan and supervise the design and decoration of building interiors of the site surveyed.

6)…………is a professional who designs buildings, coordinates and supervises all aspects of the construction.

7)………….is a person who deals with installation and maintenance of sewer.

8)………….is a professional who designs mechanisms and determine how mechanisms and machines can be operated most efficiently by workers.

9) …………helps people is buying , selling and renting property.

Activity 3. Think why you are going to have this profession or speciality. Choose at least three different reasons and then compare your reasons with other students. You may make sentences like in example: