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12. Translate into English:

1. Коли борги надходитимуть із зовнішніх джерел, вони будуть описані як зовнішні борги. 2. Для чого будуть використані короткострокові та довгострокові позики? 3. Відсотки та запозичена сума будуть отримані кредиторами наприкінці терміну. 4. Акції будуть продані корпораціями для використання грошей на фондових біржах.

13. Communicative situations:

        1. Imagine that you have a great idea for a new popcorn popper. Explain how you would go about raising capital to develop your idea, manufacture and market your product?

  1. There is a saying, «Neither a borrower nor a lender be». Explain why you agree or disagree with this advice with regard to business in our market economy.

  2. Scanning the financial section of the newspaper, you notice that the price-earnings ratio of excellent bank stock range from 5 to 7, while other company stocks had Р-E rations over 100.

How do you explain this wide variation?

Unit 6 production and marketing. The business of business

1. Read and memorize the following words, word-combinations and word-groups:

standard of living - рівень життя

e.g. A nation's standard of living is measured by the amount of goods and services available to its citizens.

productivity - продуктивність праці

e.g. When you produce more or better products with the same time and resources, you have achieved a productivity increase.

input - витрати

e.g. Input can be any resource that goes into the production process.

output - продуктивність, випуск продукції

e.g. Productivity is usually measured in terms of output per worker per hour.

division of labor - розподіл праці

e.g. To use machinery efficiently, producers must use division of labor.

skilled workers - кваліфіковані робітники

e.g. Skilled workers perform their tasks more efficiently than those who are unskilled.

consumption - споживання

e.g. Everything that takes place between production and consumption falls into the category of marketing.

2. Give English equivalents of the following:

рівень життя, продуктивність праці, піднесення і витрати, спад, рекламувати, страхування, брати участь у чомусь, розподіл праці, добробут, випуск продукції, оптова торгівля.

3. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words: a market; standard of living; technologies; promotion; productivity; firms capacity; employers; goods and services.

              1. ... is a measure of how efficiently we work.

              2. New ... can be used by business to improve productivity has decreased.

              3. A nation's ... is measured by the amount Promotion

              4. of goods and services available to its citizens.

5. ... is a key part of marketing because it is the way business get their messages to consumers.

  1. Societies obtain ... either by producing them themselves or by trading what they produce.

  2. ... is where buyers and sellers come together.

  3. ... is the maximum number of units it can produce.

  4. ... are able to employ the optimum number of workers and productivity increases.