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9. Make up your own dialogue using the following words, expressions and word-combinations:

to deposit money in a savings account, wage, to make one's decision, wealth, to earn interest,to loan, finance charge, rate of return

10. Express the following in the Passive Voice:

Model : The health maintenance organization or HMO provided its members with complete medical coverage.

The members of the health maintenance organization were provided with complete medical coverage.

1. Partners brought additional funds to a proprietorship. 2. You received a wage in return for working. 3. The Greens planned their expenditure and savings very carefully. 4. We compared products and prices before making a decision. 5. Consumer credit provided cash, goods and services. 6. In 1990, consumers purchased over 60 percent of the GNP – more than $3 trillion in goods and services.

11. Ask questions to the following sentences:

Model: Almost everyone was covered by some form of insurance.

Who was covered by some form of insurance?

1. A direct relationship between the kinds of goods and services bought and the income of the purchaser was shown by a Prussian statistician by the name of Ernst Engel, back in the 19th century. 2. As consumers, all of us were limited by what we can spend. 3. Most of the nations' personal savings were held by the commercial banks, different types of savings institutions, and credit unions. 4. Consumers were tempted to spend money for products they did not really need. 5. Group policies were offered by employers, professional associations, unions, and other organizations to their employees or members. 6. At the end of the specific number of years the full amount was paid to the policyholders.

12. Translate into English:

1. Гроші були покладені на банківський рахунок. 2. Кількість речей, які ми спроможні були купити, залежала від розміру нашого прибутку. 3. Ваші гроші були захищені від пожежі, крадіжки та інших нещасних випадків банками та ощадними установами. 4. Земля та інші природні ресурси були закуплені бізнесменами в надії на прибуток. 5. Майже всі члени нашої родини були застраховані.

13. Communicative situations:

1. As total consumption in the United States has gone up, the percent spent on different types of goods has changed. Spending for some goods has increased while that for others has decreased. Explain the trends for each of the following goods:

a) Spending as a percent of total consumption has decreased for good, clothing, household operation.

b) Spending as a percent of total consumption has increased for housing, medical care, transportation and travel.

2. Two hundred families live in the village of Middleville. Every year, for as long as anyone can remember, there has been one burglary. The average loss from the thefts has been $5,000.

а) How could the people of Middleville insure themselves against the financial costs of a burglary?

b) Why is insurance often described as a «method of sharing risk»?

3. Most states require drivers to have liability insurance. Why? You can choose whether you want collision insurance for a car. Why would someone choose not to buy collision insurance? Under what circumstances might you want to buy collision insurance?